How I Met Your Father: Who is your dad?theory

now “Until you fall in love with your dad“Season 1 has passed the midpoint. Our curiosity about who the nominal father is is higher than ever! Hilary Duff-Leading a Hulu reboot of CBS fan’s favorite Sitcom “how I Met your mother” Painted More than a fair share compared to the originalAnd we had to wait nine years to find out who Ted was (Josh RadnorIt seems that the identity of Sophie (Duff)’s son’s father may be revealed sooner rather than later, as he eventually got married and had a child.

“Writer forUntil you fall in love with your dad“I decided to cover up Sophie’s son’s appearance to avoid giving. everything Apart from the possible identity of the father In that diverse cast.. So the fans don’t really do anything, but the story unfolds. Therefore, we have found some strong candidates who can wear detective hats and meet these formidable shoes.

Earlier, we rounded up all the promising theories about who the potential fathers are and ranked them from the most likely to the least likely. Sophie tells her son that she met her father on the night of the premiere episode, but like Drew, Sophie can introduce the character she met that night in a later episode (Josh Peck) Episode 3. In other words, the possibilities are endless! These are our top theories, assuming the father has already been featured in the show!

How I Met Your Father: Who is your dad?theory

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