How Is The THCH Cannabinoid Made?

THCH (9-tetrahydrocannabihexol), a new and purportedly vital phytocannabinoid, has alternative cannabinoid enthusiasts drooling. As CBDH (cannabidihexol) has shown promising pain-relieving properties, some are optimistic that THCH will have the same effect. It’s important to note, though, that this compound is so unique that we don’t know nearly enough about it yet.

What is THCH, and how is it made?

As a newcomer to the hemp industry, Tetrahydrocannabihexol and THCH products are still a bit of a mystery. Still, the fact that it’s a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant means that we don’t know much about it yet.

It makes THCH the second most potent cannabinoid after THC-P, which has the second-longest chemical chain. THCH is roughly 10-15 times stronger than ordinary THC, and THCP is 33 times stronger than Delta 9 THC. A natural cannabinoid, it works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body, resulting in a wide range of distinct effects because of its ability to attach to specific receptors.

Yet, we have no idea when or how much the hemp compound tetrahydrocannabihexol — like many other cannabinoids. To be expected, when extraction methods improve, researchers will have a better understanding of this phenomenon.

Advantages of using THCH

Tetrahydrocannabihexol’s psychoactive characteristics have already made it immensely popular, even though we still don’t know much about the substance. Even though the two cannabinoids appear to work in concert, they are often taken together due to their favorable effects on mood, relaxation, and other aspects of the mind and body.

The most important thing to know about tetrahydrocannabihexol’s effects is that they are all about euphoria. People say they’ve never felt joy like it when using this cannabinoid. As we’ve seen with previous cannabinoid-based medicines, the high only lasts for a brief period before fading away completely.

Additional benefits reported by users include an extraordinarily calming and stress-relieving sensation in their bodies.

Is There a Natural Source for THCH?

Naturally occurring phytocannabinoid THCH is present in both hemp and conventional marijuana. It is possible to extract THCH from hemp, but only in small amounts. Since it is a “minor” cannabinoid in nature, it can also get synthesized in higher concentrations. There’s a good chance that any THCH product on the market results from cannabinoid conversion.

Can THCH get you high?

THC is a homolog of THCH, so yes, THCH will make you high. It has the potential to provide a far more potent high than normal Delta 9 THC.

But so far, there is only anecdotal proof of this. We rely on a small sample of THCH product consumers and the compound’s chemical composition to form our conclusions.

We can only make generalizations based on the chemical composition and reported use of other THC Isomers available.

Delta 9 THC is not recommended for first-time users of THC products because it is less potent than THCH products. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to have a friend along for support if the high gets too intense and to start low.



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