How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need?

When children start attending kindergartens, mothers face the eternal problem of putting together a wardrobe for the baby. Most clothing lists on the internet include cotton pantyhose, skirts, windbreakers. Although now, there are much more comfortable things. We have compiled a list of necessary and convenient things: one for boys, the other for girls. Take note or give your practical advice in the comments.

What Should Be the Clothing for the Baby?

Let’s start with the fact that whatever you buy for your child on, be it cute and stylish baby boy clothes or dresses for girls, it must comply with several unwritten rules:

  1. Clothing should be easy to put on and take off (ideally by the child oneself). Forget about buttons, laces, etc.
  2. The child should be comfortable in them.
  3. It should be easy to wash and dry quickly.
  4. It must be signed. You can buy special thermal stickers or sew-on labels.
  5. The material from which it is made must be natural or with a slight admixture of synthetics. Ideally cotton.
  6. It is better to buy a hat without ties. The ideal option is a helmet.
  7. For kids, it is better not to buy gloves for kindergarten, but to use mittens. Children of older groups, on the contrary, are much more comfortable in gloves. For spring and autumn, the fabric of the mittens should be waterproof.

As for the clothes that need to be collected for the first visit to a kindergarten, the key criterion here is the age of the child and the skills acquired by that moment. Everything is simple here: if the child does not eat well — add 3-4 additional tops to our list, if they do not always can ask to pee – take 3-4 more bottoms.

Clothes for boys

On the internet, many lists of clothes that a child needs for a day in kindergarten look like this;

Do you like the combination of shorts with pantyhose for a boy? And a tank top under a T-shirt when it’s so hot in the group? We offer you another option based on the opinion of modern mothers:

Right, it may be more difficult for nursery teachers since it is easier to put on outerwear on pantyhose than on trousers, or they will have to change the child’s clothes quickly. But the child will be comfortable and look decently.

Girls’ clothes

For little girls, there is also a standard list:

But we suggest a more comfortable one:

Buying a tunic and leggings is cheaper than a T-shirt, sundress, and pantyhose. A tunic, unlike a skirt, will not ride up, leggings are easier to put on than elastic pantyhose, outerwear can also be easily put on them.


The best shoes for a baby in a kindergarten group are flats (from cloth or leather), always with a back (not slippers). These flats are easy to put on and take off and change. Older children can wear sandals (for boys) or shoes (for girls) instead of flats since older children can already cope with the fasteners or velcro that are characteristic of this type of shoe.

Festival clothes

Holidays are regularly held in any kindergarten. These days, children must come to the kindergarten looking good. Boys are recommended for these purposes a white shirt, white pantyhose or socks, black shorts or pants, an elegant vest, tie, or bow tie. Girls will definitely need an elegant dress. When buying a dress, please note that the optimal length is up to the knee. If it is cold there, then you should consider buying a bolero.


If it is cold in the kindergarten, the child may need to wear pajamas while sleeping. But most often, it is hot in the premises, and kids sleep in T-shirts/tank tops and panties. They have to be soft, comfortable, and from natural fabrics.

Clothing for training and dancing

For physical education, the child will certainly need sports slippers or sneakers. When buying, choose shoes without laces and ties. For example, with elastic or velcro. Sneakers should fit snugly to the foot and not slosh. Otherwise, the baby may fall while running or jumping. The younger groups go to physical education in the same clothes in which they go in the group. Older children will need a T-shirt, shorts, and socks for sports. The gym shoes are also very comfortable.


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