How Many People Use Email Around the World?

Every day, people send 267 billion emails. The idea of sending email messages through the web interface belongs to Jack Smith. The service was called Hotmail, a derivative of HTML (text markup language for web documents). Since 1996, Hotmail has been used for commercial purposes.

As for now, there are hundreds of different mailing services available today, but only some of them are considered the best. Therefore, when certain services stop their operation, clients have to migrate and use special tools for this. For instance, EML to Outlook converter is used to transfer correspondence from WLM or IncrediMail. The most frequent choice of such migrants is Outlook and Gmail. Today, we will review the recent statistics on emailing and share with you the coolest facts.

Statistics that will surprise you

According to a study by the Radicati Group, the number of email users exceeded 3.8 billion in 2018. This means that more than half of the planet now uses email. Radicati expects this number to reach 4.2 billion by the end of 2022. According to another source, 58% of people have emails. At the same time, 61% of them send or receive letters daily.

Since many people have multiple email accounts, the number of emails around the world is growing at a faster rate than the number of users. The average number of email accounts per user in 2018 was about 1.75. By the end of 2022, this ratio will reach 1.86 accounts per user.

In 2009, 10 thousand users of the Hotmail mail service chose the password “123456” for their accounts. It was popular in 2010-2016. According to SplashData, this combination of numbers took first place in the list of popular and worst passwords.

Fun facts about email

Many funny facts are associated with email as a universal tool. For example, there are over 12 names for the “@” symbol in different languages:

Meanwhile, the best days for massive online sales are Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Therefore, they are considered the best days for email sending. 66% of email messages are read by users on mobile devices. According to the Litmus service, in order not to lose customers, companies need to adapt the newsletter for mobile gadgets with different screen resolutions. 19.4% of Americans cannot read regular emails due to health problems. Therefore, US marketers adapt mailings, for example:

When subscribing to the newsletter, the client can select the desired version of the text. According to McKinsey & Company, email is 40 times more effective at attracting customers than Facebook and Twitter combined.


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