How much do I save with solar each year?

Solar energy is your go-to for green energy power. Everyone knows that you are saving a lot, but by how much? Considering that solar power systems are expensive to install, the Australian national average for a 3kw solar power is $4000. Will you save much? The answer is yes, solar power will help you save big time. You will save in terms of power bills that come with relying on the grid since your power will come from the sun. You will also save on the power bills through the feed-in tariffs as your excess power will be sent back to the grid, and you get some money off the power.

Experts believe that Australian homeowners can save up to $20,000 in their lifespan by installing solar power. This is barely in mind that many solar systems can repay themselves within 3-5 years after installation. That, and the feed-i tariffs, means you can save so much more by installing power in your house. Read more about solar rebates on Go Solar Quotes.

Advantages of using solar energy

Solar power comes with a host of benefits to both the users and the environment. Here are some of the notable advantages of solar power;

Renewable energy

As we all know, solar energy comes from the sun. it’s a renewable energy source. As long as there is light, there will always be power. So evenn on dull and cloudy days, there will be some sort of solar power.


Traditionally, people have always relied on fossil fuels for energy. Nearly every machine runs on fossil fuel which has grave consequences on the general environment. Not solar power which helps power machines without causing any major effects to the environment


Yes, solar energy is quite affordable. The initial costs may be high, but solar power systems are known to repay themselves in 3 or so years. Again, both national and state governments in Australia offer rebates which make solar quite affordable.


Solar power is one of the most reliable sources of power you can get. As long as there is light, you will be able to generate your own electricity from your home. So even when consumption goes up, like summertime, you will keep up will the demand.

The saving that comes with solar power in Australia

The cost of electricity in Australia continues on a steep upward trajectory. The costs are driven, by among other things, the rising global prices of crude oil. With this, there has been a need for a cheaper alternative for power. In a bid to help boost solar power, the government came up with solar rebates program to encourage Australian homeowners to go for it. The solar power rebate program seeks to make solar panels and solar systems cheaper for homeowners by shedding thousands of dollars from the initial installation costs.

For instance, anyone installing a 3KW solar system in their home is entailed to an average of $4000 in rebates with states like Queensland offering a much better deal than that. This makes it super easy for homeowners to install and run with solar power.

How the rebates work in Australia

The solar rebates system seeks to make solar power available to all Australian homeowners. The program seeks to cover a big portion of the installation costs through discounts and refunds. Through a partnership with solar companies across the country, homeowners are given rebates to install the solar panels.

On top of that, people who install solar panels are also entitled to Small scale Technology Certificates (STC) which are tradeable in the open market. Depending on the size of the solar system and the location of the house, the homeowners are given STCs which they can trade in the market. The cost of one STC ranges from $35-$40 which can help one recoup some of the money they spent on installation.

Additionally, homeowners with solar power can give back excess energy to the grid and save money on their power bills. For every KW you send back to the grid through Feed-in tariffs, you get some money off your power bill.

Why battery storage is a must-have

Solar power is collected during the day and used mostly at night or in the early morning while you’re preparing to start your day. This makes it vital to have solar batteries otherwise most of the power collected will go to waste.

Solar batteries are important as they help store the excess power that you’re not using for later use. Although solar batteries are not that cheap, they will help get you going at night or on days when sunlight is limited.

The excess power can also be fed back into the grid through the common feed-in tariffs available country-wide. The feedback even helps stabilize the grid and helps you, the homeowner, shed off power bills. With some energy providers offering as much as 15 cents per KW, you will be saving potentially thousands of dollars each year.

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