How much do you invest? when? where?

Q: Where should I invest my money now?

— Thank you, Ralph

A: When do you need this money? You didn’t mention these investment plans, but I think you’ll retire in the next decade.

Stocks are high, real estate is expensive, bonds aren’t paying anything, but inflation is here.

Let’s get back to basics. After all, this is about the financial safety of your family.

An aggressive portfolio is suitable for young people who are working and accumulating. As we approach goals such as retirement, the portfolio will need to readjust the mix so that it can be distributed during the down year.

Estimate the income you want to withdraw each year when you retire. Choose your favorite date to start getting paid from your investment. “When and how much” forecasts drive investment planning decisions for the best place to invest today.

Target date funds often convert to “cash” when the family retires. This action is not in their best interests when there is likely to be a 30-year retirement full of travel and fun. A better plan is to invest the portfolio in moderation based on annual distribution and individual risk tolerance.

How much do you invest? when? where?

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