How review sites help tourists plan their stay in the Sunshine State

Visitors to Florida have a host of opportunities to find out the best places to stay in the Orange State. Review sites, blogs, and booking websites offer tourists reliable ratings of the hotel accommodation. Let’s take a closer look at how these sites provide useful advice to visitors.

Review sites

Review sites such as Tripadvisor provide a great deal of information about places to stay in Florida along with online customer reviews from previous visitors to the state. The Tripadvisor website lists 3,216 properties in Florida and visitors can narrow down the search for potential options by using filters based on amenities, traveler ratings, hotel class, and brand.

Tripadvisor also gives visitors the opportunity to purchase the best deal for the respective hotel. Kanika Soni, chief commercial officer for Tripadvisor, has announced that the review website has named a Florida hotel in the top ten hotels in the United States. The Standard Spa in Miami Beach was ranked number ten in the 2022 list and was the only Florida hotel to make the top ten based on customer ratings on the site.

Another sector where customers can benefit from reviews is the iGaming industry. As is the case for hotels, it is a highly competitive industry with many options for customers to choose from. This is where review sites come in handy, as they provide an expert opinion on online casinos and bonuses. Rob McLauchlan of Bonusfinder has listed and reviewed a lot of them here. These review sites help customers as they are able to find out about companies before spending valuable time signing up and testing the sites for themselves.

Travel blogs and vlogs

Another source of reviews is travel blogs. Brittany Ryan, also known as the Jet Set Blonde, has reviewed a wide range of hotel properties in Florida, including the Gardens Hotel in Key West and provides information about the history of the hotel, the hotel grounds, the hotel pool, and the rooms. She ends with an appraisal of the hotel, considering the pros and cons of each property.

Florida resident and vlogger PCDev provides video reviews of hotels and attractions in Florida on YouTube, including a guide to affordable hotels near Universal Studios Orlando. Advice from local residents is particularly appreciated by people planning to visit Florida, as greater levels of trust are attached to the knowledge and advice of residents.

Booking websites

Hotel booking websites such as Expedia also feature reviews from tourists who have stayed in each hotel. Visitors to the site can take time to read the various likes and dislikes in customer reviews. It is also possible to gain a quick overview of the ratings provided by each hotel by scrolling through the reviews and checking out how many smiley or sad face emoticons are attached to each review. As is the case for Tripadvisor, visitors to the site can use filters to narrow down their search requirements.

Visitors to Florida are spoiled for choice with reviews of hotels in Florida. Alongside customer reviews on booking websites, Tripadvisor is an excellent source of opinions and ratings, while travel blogs and vlogs provide in-depth and honest reviews about each property.

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