How the COVID-19 pandemic changed the return to school

Jericho, Nassau County (WABC)-18 months have passed since everyone at Jericho High School returned to the building together. The district is often rated as the best, with the school year starting two weeks ago and the summer being understated, so it could have been a bit of a “change”.

“I was really optimistic to see the infection rate very low last spring, so the opening will be’properly sweet’,” said Jericho director Hank Glishman.

However, the Delta variant changed it like any other variant. Therefore, mask obligations, hand washing, paperless classrooms, and whatever you can do outside is a new norm for complete face-to-face learning.

For high school seniors, it’s those old traditions they’re most excited about.

“I’m very excited about the proms and battles in the class and all the events this year,” said Corinne Discpinigaitis, senior at Jericho HS.

“Feel the nest, go to soccer games, go to volleyball games, go to basketball games,” said Sarah Chang, senior at Jericho HS.

The crowded corridors really show how different this year is from last year, which means more variables and more variables. And what if someone tests positive?

“The deciding factor we use is 15 minutes, less than 3 feet, in which case you are a direct contact and will be quarantined,” said Glishman. “Are you vaccinated?”

So far, so good.

Last year at the Success Academy in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, it’s been a big change for some of the youngest students and their parents so far.

“He seems to be much more focused because of its structure,” said Carlyle D. Forde, parent of the Success Academy.

At both schools, they tell us that it is the connection of the little moments they missed the most.

“You meet a colleague and talk about a particular student and how they do it,” said Matt Demarinis, a teacher of Jericho math.

Let’s face it-the alternative was sometimes “glitch”.

“At Zoom, it kept freezing,” said Carlos Forde, a fourth-year student at the Success Academy.

“You wouldn’t like to type in a computer and write with a stylus,” said Mira St. Hillare, a fourth-year student at the Success Academy.

We will continue to use zoom, especially for PTA meetings. The bustle grows that way.

They are also more embracing mental health and have just begun to evaluate COVID academic slides, but so far, the thrills are back.

“I was able to meet my friends and have a play date with them,” Forde said.

It reminds students of all grades what they value most.

Chelsea Marone, Principal of Success Academy Fort Green, said:

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How the COVID-19 pandemic changed the return to school

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