How the Florida High School Soccer Final Four Teams Fought in Season Voting

we Final four Teams from each class and 16 teams will book a trip to the state championship game this Friday.

Once you see the finish line, look back at how the last four teams in each class were ranked in the regular season USA Today Florida Network votes.

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Obviously, polls are an inaccurate science and shouldn’t be taken very seriously (although some people do), but it’s how the team plays during the regular season and by the media. It is a barometer of how it was recognized.

I’m going here so that the disclaimer doesn’t get in the way.

Venice won the 8A Regional Semifinal Playoff Game 54-14 at Riverview (Sarasota) on Friday night, November 19, 2021 at Powell Davis Stadium in Venice, Florida.

Class 8A

Final four: Venice, Treasure coast, Apokka, Columbus

Final Voting Ranking: Venice (No. 2), Treasure Coast (No. 3), Apokka (No. 7), Columbus (ARV)

Venice was the state’s top team until it was defeated by Cardinal Gibbons in the ninth week. The Treasure Coast made its debut in 4th place and never fell below that location, even after its only defeat in Cocoa. Apokka was in the top 10 throughout the season, peaking in 6th place and dropping to 9th place after a second defeat to Lakeland in the 6th week. Behind .2 Venice, he was completely out of the vote after losing three games in a row in September. Seminole, who lost to Apokka 28-27 in overtime in the Region 1 Championship Game, finished his first year in voting.

Lake Gibson's defensive back Sam McCall has begun a punt return last week as he returned 45 yards in Orlando for a touchdown with Edgewater.

Class 7A

Final four: Tampa Bay Tech, St. Thomas Aquinas, Buchholtz, Lake Gibson

Final Voting Ranking: Aquinas (No. 1), Tampa Bay Tech (No. 3), Buchholtz (No. 4), Lake Gibson (No. 10)

It’s not surprising to see Aquinas almost wire-to-wire as the No. 1 team. The only hiccups were after Aquinas was defeated at the Jesuits in the second week when the Raiders fell to second place for a week before they won the American heritage and regained the top spot. Tampa Bay Tech started the season outside the top 10 and made its debut in 8th place after the second week as the first team in the voting section. Buchholtz started this year in 6th place and never fell below that spot. Lake Gibson was the most turbulent year as voters struggled to get a firm grasp of the team that started in a couple of times over rival Lakeland. Lake Gibson started in 8th place, dropped out of the top 10, defeated Lakeland to 7th place, dropped out after losing to Sarasota Riverview the following week, and never returned to the top 10.

During the quarter-final match against 6-Rickers on Friday night, Pine Forest, backed by Kobe Johnson (No. 4), will take a handoff from quarterback Tierra Wilson (No. 5).

Class 6A

Final four: Jesuits, Pine forest, Jones, Miami Northwest

Final Voting Ranking: Jesuit (No. 1), Jones (No. 3), Northwestern (No. 4), Pine Forest (No. 10)

Jesuit started in 2nd place and jumped to the top in the second week against Aquinas and never let go of the 1st place grip. Jones started at the same place where the season ended. After losing 62-3 in the IMG in the 4th week, he finished 5th. The northwest was number one at the start of the season, spending most of the year in second and dropping to fourth after losing to central Miami 49-6. 10th week. Pine Forest was by far the biggest mistake. Perhaps it was an East Coast prejudice, but the Eagles were the fifth team to be listed in the “also voted” category in the first vote and didn’t make it into the top ten until the tenth week.

Bridger Coby of Merritt Island Mustangs will run for a touchdown during the match against Leedsberg on November 12, 2021. Craig Bailey / Florida Today, USA TODAY NETWORK

Class 5A

Final four: Merritt Island, Miami Central, Baker County, Sebring

Final Voting Ranking: Merritt Island (No. 5), Central (No. 1), Baker County (No. 7), Sebring (ARV)

Merritt Island was shut out twice in a row in the third week and couldn’t even vote for the vote until it was in the top ten a week later. Mustangs dropped out of the vote after being defeated alone in the fifth week, but returned two weeks later. Central has become wire-to-wire as a top team, even after starting the year with continuous out-of-state losses. Baker County started the season at number six, falling to number nine after the season’s first loss in the second week, and dropping out after losing in the fourth week. Wildcats has remained in the top 10 since returning after winning their sixth week against Ridgeview. Sebring started in 7th place this year, but dropped out in the three skids in September. Sebring has begun to win votes in polls since the 10th week.

Cocoa High's OJ Ross will run 56 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter of the match against The Villages Charter on November 26, 2021. Craig Bailey / FLORIDA TODAY, USA TODAY NETWORK

Class 4A

Final four: Cocoa, Cardinal Gibbons, Lakewood, Balls

Final Voting Ranking: Cocoa (No. 1), Gibbons (No. 2), Lakewood (ARV), Balls (No. 4)

Well, this is about the same as the final four of the votes predicted after the first week. The original top five were Cardinal Gibbons, Gulliver Prep, Cocoa, Balls and Glaze Central, with Lakewood third in ARV (only five teams in Class 1A-4A, with few teams in these classes). Therefore, I will vote). The last four teams all started this year as top-ranked teams in their respective regions. Cardinals Gibbons, Balls and Cocoa were in first place for at least a week, and none of the three were below fourth. Lakewood took part in the vote in 5th place in the 3rd week, ranking in 4th place and then “again, in the” receive vote “category after losing the last two games of the regular season.

Florida State High # 19 Brooks Hickman celebrates a touchdown with his teammate Florida State High # 11 Brody Brooks in the first half and advances to 10-3. Trinity Catholic lost to Florida State University High School 17-12 at Trinity Catholic High School in Okara, Florida on Friday night, November 26, 2021.[Doug Engle/Ocala Star-Banner]2021

Class 3A

Final four:Chaminade Madonna, Berkeley Prep, Lakeland Christian, Florida High

Final Voting Ranking: Chaminade (No. 1), Berkeley Prep (No. 2), Lakeland Christian (No. 4), Florida High (No. 3)

Class 3A is one of the two teams in the state, and the top four teams in the final vote are the same as the last four teams in the state’s semifinals. Chaminade became wire-to-wire in 1st place. Berkeley Prep opened the year in 3rd place and moved up to 2nd place in the 6th week. Lakeland Christians were the third team to be initially listed in the “Receive Votes” category. He made his top five debut of the season and made his debut in the eighth week. Florida High was 4th to show the season and never fell below 5th.

Trinity Christian Treyaun Webb (3) is rushing the yard on Friday, November 26, 2021 at the Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville on his way to the first touchdown. Trinity Christian and Quincy Munro face off in the FHSAA2A Region 1 Championship. Trinity defeated Munro 39-22 to advance to the final four.

Class 2A

Final four: Orlando Christian Prep, First Baptist (Naples), Champanat Catholic, Trinity Christian

Final Voting Ranking: Orlando Christian (No. 4), First Baptist (No. 3), Champanat Catholic (No. 1), Trinity Christian (No. 2)

Class 2A is another final four that will be reflected in the final vote of the regular season. To be sure, it wasn’t the opinion of the polls that started this year. Orlando Christians were third on the “Vote Receiving” team in Week 1 and did not make their Top 5 debut until they defeated Trinity Prep in Week 10. Top 5 after the 3rd week. In the first vote, Trinity Christians and Champagne were first and second, respectively. The two teams switched spots in the ninth week and remained the same for the last three weeks.

Hawthorne High School defenders Stanley Cook (52) and Jaylen Ruth (14) celebrated August 19, 2021 after making a major stop in the second round of the 1A Playoffs in Hawthorne, Florida. I did. Hornets defeated Wildwood Wildcats.

Class 1A

Final four: Hawthorne, Chief Land, Madison County, Chipley

Final Voting Ranking: Hawthorne (No. 1), Chief Land (ARV), Madison County (No. 2), Chipley (ARV)

Voting did not reflect the final four at the beginning or end of the season. Hawthorne started this year in 4th place and has slowly risen to the top since the 8th week. Chiefland did not get a single vote in the first top five votes and did not rank in the “Votes” section. Madison County started in the first week, fell to third place after the third week, and returned to second place a week later. Chipley didn’t vote until the sixth week and wasn’t higher than the third team listed in the ARV section. Chiefland and Chipley are the only final four teams in the state that have never made it to the top five.

How the Florida High School Soccer Final Four Teams Fought in Season Voting

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