How to cheer up someone who is sick

It’s officially cold and flu season and everyone seems to be sick. A sore throat, dry cough and dripping nose are enough to drive anyone back to bed. You might crave duvet days or hot chicken soup when you’re ill. A cold can make you feel run down and, somewhat, vulnerable. You just want to crawl back into bed and hide away from the world.

However, unfortunately, many of us have to work through cold and flu season. We load up on tissues and brave the office with a scratchy throat. Ouch.

Here are a few ways you can make someone feel better when they’re sick.


Fatigue and low energy are some of the most common symptoms of a cold. You barely have enough energy to work, never mind the household chores and errands. If you’re looking after someone who is sick, you could offer to take some things off their plate. Take their parcels to the post office, do the grocery shopping and clean their home. You could even make some soup and put it in the freezer for later. They can focus on getting better while you handle some of their responsibilities.

Don’t come empty handed

A few treats can make all the difference when you’re sick. Come over to your friend’s house with a few supplies, like soup, cold & flu medicine and chocolate. They can snack on some sweet treats and hopefully feel a little more energetic. Ask them what they’re craving and bring it to their bed. Many people lose their appetite when they have a cold or the flu. It’s important to keep their body filled with nutrients and liquids.

Buy a small gift or card

Lying in bed all day can get very boring when you’re sick. Buy your friend a personalised card and write a note to show you’re thinking of them. You could bring some flowers and a chocolate box for an extra special touch. A little sympathy can go a long way when you’re sick.

Let them rest

It’s important to let your friends rest when they are ill. You can help out with chores and keep them company for a short while – but don’t hover. They need time to relax and sleep so they can get better. Suggest a good Netflix TV show for them to watch and leave them be. They can always reach out to you if they need some more medicine or food.

It’s time to look after your friends and family through this year’s cold season. Just remember to double check whether they have coronavirus before going to see them. Your health and safety should come first.

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