How To Get The Best Awning Dealer In Columbus, Ohio?

From June to August, it becomes extremely difficult to sit outside in Columbus. The scorching heat of the sun makes the porticos hot and the gardens or backyards seem to be burning fields of green. However, one thing and perhaps the only thing which will allow you to have outdoor picnics or gatherings on the lawn are through the awning.

Columbus in Ohio has excellent dealers who not only give you affordable pricing but are also close to where you live. It is advisable to choose awning dealers from neighborhood areas or at least from your town so that they can be summoned in time of need.

Retractable awning

A retractable awning is an expensive affair. It can cost you thousands of dollars. In such circumstances, awning dealers become as important as the awning material or type.

If your dealer cannot be trusted, or you did not check the source or background of the awning company, there might be a possibility of your money being wasted entirely.

For both residential and commercial use, retractable awnings are in fashion due to their flexibility and aesthetic appeal. Do not choose the only awning your dealer shows you. Ask for more patterns, colors, and check the material yourself.

This is more in trend because it can be folded or unfolded according to the preference of you or your guests. Awning dealers in Columbus, Ohio also give you the additional benefit of various options in fabric to choose from.


Although it might seem a negligible query, when it comes to the awning, it’s as important as the rest. Ask your dealer whether or not the awning company will do the installation. Often, the installation contract is given out to others. Does the warranty period cover installation as well?

Also, make sure your dealer answers your questions like – will the installation be finished at once? Is there any need for adjustments to the installation later? Does your awning dealer provide installation for both retractable and fixed awnings?

Ask your awning dealers in Columbus Ohio all these queries before fixing a deal or making your first payment.

Canvas vs. Acrylic awning

While acrylic awnings were considered the best previously, canvases have altered that perspective in the business of awning. So make sure you ask your awning dealer whether or not they are providing canvas awning for your beautiful new home or a brand new restaurant.

In canvas awnings, you can get a variety of patterns and fantastic colors. Canvas awnings have the advantage of weather protection over acrylic awnings. The heat or coolness is at the right temperature. Besides, these are long-lasting and can easily be used for 8 to 10 years. Remember to clean the awnings daily to increase their durability.

Canvas awnings are also comparatively cheaper than acrylic and are easy to install. Even if you are thinking of replacing your house or shop awnings, the canvas will cost you much less than the acrylic.

Thus, choose amidst a wide range of modern, chic, rustic, or vintage canvas fabric for your awning. Change the entire appearance of a building just by adding a pop of color here and there.

Where are the awning materials assembled?

Although this is quite an internal question that many awning dealers will try to avoid, make sure to ask your awning dealer in Columbus. Assembling awnings can take up to 2 weeks. The exact fit and materials used must be taken care of since you will be using this regularly.

Reputed companies use superior quality materials and complete the assembling in the US. However, there are many companies as well that use inferior materials and do poor assembling to have extra profit. Make sure your dealer does not use poor-quality materials or loose assembling.


The warranty period and type on your awnings can vary among the vendors. Many vendors provide full coverage and will take complete responsibility for and lose adjustments, canvas quality, or any other matter during the warranty period.

Some vendors give only selective warranty. Question your dealer regarding the warranty detail before you sign the contract or finalize a deal.


While choosing your awning, remember that there will be options of national, international, and local made brands. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of them. Nonetheless, dealers often do not tell you that locally made awnings would be put together with locally found items at that time.

Thus, there is no persistence on the quality offered to the customers. However, national or international brands use the same materials for a range of awnings and will have no dispute regarding the quality.

Another major issue is, if the local brand goes out of business, finding parts or materials might be difficult. National or international brands do not have these issues. Talk to your awning dealers about these internal matters as well.

Commercial awnings

For your shop, restaurant, café, or any other kind of business, the visibility and look matters a lot in drawing in more customers. There are various kinds of commercial awnings available such as – rolling shutters, smoking shelters, metal standing seam awnings, storefront awnings, louvered roof system awnings, or outdoor seating awnings. The kind of awning you use would be significant in protecting the products inside your store.

It also increases your facility’s image in the eyes of your customers. Therefore, do not hurry and go through a range of options before you can finalize one type.

Awning dealers in Columbus offer the excellent feature of designing your awning and give a virtual sight of it in your designated space. If you do not like it and wish to change the type or design, you can simply ask them.

Awning dealers in Columbus are extremely cooperative and give you the best awnings available in the market at affordable pricing. You will find many such dealers on the internet. If your friends or relatives have already installed such facilities, you can consider their reference and select the best one for you.

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