How to get the most out of your cloud budget

“No Bucks, No Buck Rogers” is a quote from the movie The right one.. Every time I see IT professionals trying to do great things cheaply with technology, it comes to mind.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t insist on overspending on technology. Certainly not so with cloud computing. However, there are certain levels of resources that enterprises need to make cloud computing work. It’s important to identify that goal post and understand how to fund it.

Generally speaking, the staff most familiar with cloud computing usually have the least experience in planning projects or doing internal politics. For a variety of reasons, they often make cost prediction errors in the cloud projects they drive. As a result, their projects are inadequate or completely fail. Usually, the cost of fixing a failed project is twice as high as if it were originally run correctly.

For the first few cloud migration projects in the enterprise, the problem isn’t entirely someone’s fault. Staff often try to understand the details of the conversion process that they have never encountered in their careers and plan projects that have never been done in the enterprise. Details have been overlooked, and the $ 10 million forecast for migrating 20% ​​of enterprise applications from private data centers to the public cloud is priced quite differently. They do not have the experience and existing indicators available during the planning and implementation stages.

Therefore, new technologies require some trust. If the vendor overturns the truth, or if some technologies don’t live up to expectations, it will take time and money to fix these issues. “Unexpected costs” is a frequent item in recent cloud project reports.

So how can you gain leadership to fund a realistic cloud migration budget?

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How to get the most out of your cloud budget

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