How to play Taylor Swift Wardle

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Taylor dollars are becoming a new buzzword for 2022. Software engineer Josh WardleSwifties adopted the word game, from the lyrics Swift’s ex-girlfriend’s name.. The “Holy Swift” podcast launched Taylordle, also known as Wordle (Taylor’s Version), on January 28th, replacing words in regular dictionaries with terms that came directly from “Swiftie universe.” “Swift”, “style”, “lover”, “exile”, “alwin”, the possibilities are as endless as our preemptive love Unreleased album “Karma” We were all waiting.

Similar to the original game, the Taylor Dollar game box will be gray if the letters are not part of the puzzle, yellow if the letters are part of the word but in the wrong place, and the letters will be It will turn green if it is exactly where it should be. .. I wish they changed to aqua blue (“Taylor SwiftDoes “) or Violet (“Speak Now “) or Cotton Candy Pink (” Lover “) match her album cover? Just a little, but the fact that this game exists is hyped about Swift. It gives you more reason to do it. It’s daily, so don’t shake it off right away. Take a look at the game’s interface first. Play Taylor Dollars here Start Swiftie game streak.

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How to play Taylor Swift Wardle

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