How to promote brain health?

Credit: Norwegian Institute of Public Health

According to a new report from the Lifebrain Consortium in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, people want clear, evidence-based information about which lifestyle changes can improve brain health.

People also say that they need expert support and regular monitoring or follow-up to track the impact of such changes.

Brain health is your mental health and your ability to remember, learn, plan and focus.

NS report It is based on responses from 27,590 respondents from 81 countries who participated in the Global Brain Health Survey. Brain health..

This survey brain health.

The main author behind the study, Isabelle Budin Ljøsne of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said:

“It’s important to promote brain health, as nearly one-third of Europe’s total disease burden is associated with brain damage. People need to be on board so that they can choose the right lifestyle.”

Main survey results

To successfully change lifestyles to improve or maintain brain health, research has found that:

  • Almost everyone (95%) believes that public health authorities should provide citizens with clear, evidence-based information. information About brain health.
  • Nine out of ten (87%) require professional support from their GP or specialist.
  • As many as four in five (80%) need regular monitoring to see the impact. Lifestyle It will change.
  • Three in four (76%) believe that public health authorities should introduce relaxation activities and sports into schools and workplaces.
  • Three out of four (72%) also believe that public health authorities should subsidize healthy food And useful activities.

Source of trust

People most trust brain health professionals and are traditional Social media At least for information about brain health. Only half have high confidence in GP. One of the Norwegian respondents said:

“A beneficial diet Lifestyle changesHowever, it is not always easy to know what works or how much they are needed. Use any online database that contains evidence-based suggestions, advice, apps, and more. For example, you can provide targeted information for different criteria. ”

Nanna Fredheim of the Norwegian Institute for Public Health, the lead author of the report, said:

“This study shows medical authorities the need to relay accurate, easy-to-understand public information about the brain. health.. This is clearly what people want and need. ”

People know very little about brain health, but want to know more

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How to promote brain health?

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