How to Use Instagram for Business.

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms and it makes sense to take advantage and use it to monetize your business.

With over a billion monthly users, it gives you access to an almost unlimited number of potential customers.

This article will discuss some useful ways to use Instagram for business:

Create a winning business Instagram account.

The first step to using Instagram for business is to create a winning business account.

This involves signing up and completing all the necessary fields. When it comes to social media marketing, uniformity is essential and your brand’s logo, images and content should be the same across all platforms.

This makes your brand universally recognizable by customers and sends a message that you are consistent, dependable and reliable.

If you already have another business social media account that is doing well, think about using the same profile picture and description for your Instagram account.

Craft content that speaks to your target audience.

Instagram is a very visual platform and uses mostly photographs.

That being said, you still need to post content that your target audience can relate to and will like.

Your target audience is the demographic group most likely to buy your product or service and your Instagram content should reflect this.

For instance, if your target audience is teenage girls, your content should be feminine, fun, cheeky and cheerful.

Before posting content on your business Instagram account, you should have a digital marketing strategy that sets out the standards of your online content and how it speaks to your target market.

Although Instagram is largely about videos, don’t forget to post short videos that you know your followers will love. Examples of videos for business Instagram could include product launches, product demonstrations and how your product is made.

Remember also to post content at strategic times. If most of your target audience lives in a specific time zone, be sure to post content when you know that they are most likely to be browsing Instagram.

At the same time, don’t post too much content at once as this can overwhelm your followers. With Instagram for business, quality is definitely more effective than quantity!

Finally, use hashtags strategically so that users searching for your product can be directed directly to your Instagram page. While hashtags can help your marketing strategy a lot, don’t overuse them as this can irritate your followers and may cause them to unfollow you.

Engage with your followers.

Engaging with your followers is another important aspect of having a successful business Instagram account.

Remember to reply to any comments your followers make (even if it’s just a simple “thank you”) and always answer questions.

This gives potential customers a taste of what your customer service is like and can help you to establish yourself as a trusted brand.

Use the Instagram shop function.

In 2020, Instagram introduced the much-anticipated shop tab, allowing users to browse products and purchase them directly in the Instagram app.

While you probably already have an active e-commerce store, you should definitely consider selling on Instagram as well as it is incredibly convenient for users.

When customers see an interesting product on Instagram, they want to immediately be able to view it in an online store and the Instagram shop facilitates this. Don’t get left behind!

Advertise Instagram-only specials and sales.

A great way to build your Instagram following and gain more sales at the same time is to advertise specials and sales that are only available on Instagram.

These could include discount codes or a flash sale in your Instagram shop.

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