How to Watch The EPL For Those With World Cup Fever

The soccer World Cup is one of the world’s most watched sporting events and often brings new fans to the sport. During the world cup viewing figures go through the roof and sites like see an enormous rise in traffic as people look to bet on who they think will win. If the World Cup was an event that brought you to football, you may now be at a loss. Thankfully, however, regular football seasons around the world are back in full swing, and the EPL is by far the highest quality right now. Let’s take a look at how you can watch this new passion of yours.

Time Difference

The biggest issue to contend with here, for Floridians at least, is the time difference. The UK is 5 hours ahead of us, meaning that most games take place in the morning or early afternoon. Owing to TV rights issues, the games kick off at all kinds of times, but some KO times generally remain the same.

The bulk of games will kick off at 3 pm on a Saturday, there will often be games on at 1330 and 1730 local time, these are usually the big games. On Sundays, you’ll find games at 1300 and 1600 local time, usually these are also important games. Finally, you can catch games midweek, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 2000 UK time. For us, that means breakfast and lunchtime kick-offs.

Where to Watch The Games?

Here in the US, it is NBC and the USA Network have the rights to show these matches. The commentary is often with ex-EPL players too, which gives a nice insight into the game. If you prefer some Spanish commentary then you can catch the matches on Telemundo and Universo, who alternate games between them. These are the only places where you are going to be able to catch the action, so be sure to sign up.

What to Expect This Season

This season is going to be one of the most exciting yet. Currently, London side Arsenal tops the table, and they are being gunned down by wealthy Manchester City, who have dominated the league in recent years. Behind them, you have sides like Liverpool and Manchester United, who have both won the top league of English football more than any other side. What is even more exciting is that teams like Newcastle, Brentford, and Fulham are also in the top ten, and these are teams who have had zero success over the years.

How to Pick Your Team

To pick a team, the best bet is to watch for a couple of weeks and see whose style it is that you like. Nobody likes a glory fan so try and avoid falling into that trap. The key is to pick a team that will excite you, success should be seen as a bonus.

There you have it, tune in next week and enjoy the EPL action.

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