Hubble catches a trio of swirling galaxies

Credits: ESA / Hubble & NASA, W. Keel, Dark Energy Survey, Department of Energy, Fermilab, Dark Energy Survey Camera, (DECam), Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, NoirLab / National Science Foundation / AURA, Sloan Digital Sky Survey; Acknowledgments: J.Schmidt

The dust mass and bright swirl of the stars in this image is the merger IC2431 of a distant galaxy 681 million light-years away from Earth in Cancer.

The NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope captured what looked like a triple galaxy. merger Similar to the turbulent mixture of star formation and tidal strain caused by the gravitational interaction of this galaxy trio, it is underway.

Thick clouds of dust obscure the center of this image, Background galaxy I’m piercing its outer edge.

This image is from a series of Hubble observations investigating strange and wonderful things. Galaxy Discovered by the Citizen Sciences of the Galaxy Zoo business..

Using Hubble’s powerful advanced camera for surveys, astronomers scrutinized some of the more unusual galaxies identified by volunteers.

The original Galaxy Zoo project was the largest galaxy census ever implemented, classifying 900,000 unexplored galaxies, depending on the time of crowdsourcing by more than 100,000 volunteers.

The project accomplished many years of work by professional astronomers in just 175 days, leading to a steady stream of similar astronomical civic science projects.

Subsequent Galaxy Zoo projects include galaxy mergers and the largest ever studies of tidal dwarf galaxies, as well as the discovery of a whole new type of compact star-forming galaxy.

Image: Hubble sees the interaction of the universe

Quote: Image: Hubble is a swirling galaxy trio (February 2022) taken from https: // on February 19, 2022. 19th) to capture

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Hubble catches a trio of swirling galaxies

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