Hulu Dollface Cast Talks About Season 2

After years of rest, Jules (Kat Dennings), Madison (Brenda Song), Stella (Shay Mitchell), And Izzy (Esther Povisky) is back on Hulu’s “Dollface”. Return to second grade season February 11th. Creator Jordan Weiss University Writing Sample, “Doll Face” follows the protagonist Jules, who was forced to reconnect with her college friends after a sudden farewell. “It’s strange to grow up with these characters. It’s nice to be able to incorporate my experience into both seasons, like a time capsule,” Wyeth tells POPSUGAR. “I’m single on the show, I’m dating, I’m in a serious relationship now, it’s funny that my point of view changes, but what’s trying to make friendship a big part of my life? Even “

“The story of friendship is universal, regardless of gender, but I don’t think there’s any reason not to watch the show, especially through a female lens.”

Re-guided by the literal Catlady (Beth Grant), Jules rides a wild ride in Season 2, promoted at work, has a new love interest, and continues her friendship with the gang. At its core is a 10-episode comedy series that explores the power of female friendship. “The story of friendship is universal regardless of gender, but I don’t think there’s any reason not to rate the show, especially through the female lens,” says Weiss. “Female friendships are very specific and are carried out in a particular way,” adds Showrunner Michelle Nader. “I thought Jordan was capturing the nuances of a little moment with his friends, whether microaggression or microaggression.”

First, read POPSUGAR’s exclusive interview with a major female in “Doll Face”.

Pop Sugar: We’re working on getting all the characters to turn 30 this season. Do you think women place too much emphasis on being 30 years old?

Michelle Nader: Some of us do that and others don’t, but we wanted to show both sides. Madison overemphasizes turning 30 and Jules misses the opportunity to check in for himself to turn 30. Jules has the idea that if you don’t play, you won’t lose. Madison, on the other hand, is always trying to control her life and what happens to her. By the birthday of this milestone, I wanted to talk about these two women who could find answers to each other about what would take them to a more central and happier place.

“There is this obscured mystery about what happens when a woman turns 30. It’s as if her life is over forever. Of course, that’s not true. Life is getting better and better. It just becomes. “

Kat Dennings: My 20s was a nightmare. I was excited to have the illusion that it was just done and somehow redoing. There is this obscured mystery about what happens when a woman turns 30 as if her life was over forever. Of course, that’s not true! Life is getting better and better. All the good things in my life happened 30 days later, so you go there.

Brenda Song: I remember thinking, “I should be here by the age of 30,” so when I approached, I thought, “Is it a failure?” These are the expectations we have for ourselves for no reason. The great thing about turning 30 is that I was able to let it go. If I could let it go, I could really listen to my voice and feel comfortable on my skin. My thirties were great. This is when fun happens.

Doll Face-

PS: Celeste learns that her husband had a relationship with Madison through Jules, but she doesn’t blame them violently. She is actually promoting Jules in her work! The women who gathered without blaming each other were very refreshing to see on the screen.

“Women support women. I love what they see on the screen because it’s true.”

BS: BS: That’s the problem! It shouldn’t be a fresh take, as women are. Females support females, and I love it being displayed on the screen because it is true. We do not have to blame each other when neither of us is responsible.

KD: As Brenda said, it shouldn’t be fresh. Unfortunately, on TV and in the movies, it’s because of a woman like “Oh, she seduced this guy.” Madison doesn’t know what’s going on and it’s entirely Colin’s fault, so it’s great to see it, but that’s not what you expect.

Jordan Weiss: Celeste is a kind of uplifting, a little scary and eccentric character, but mature. She is a businesswoman who owns this huge female-led company, and she feels connected to Jules as a mentor. We wanted to devote ourselves to it because she felt like she was the most organic way to deal with such situations. This is an optimistic outlook show. If someone is in conflict, it comes from a real place and can be redeemed at any time instead of abusing women or fighting with these characters as catties for no reason.

PS: Izzy has a habit of self-disturbing because of her own anxiety. Want to see how her character evolves?

Esther Povitsky: It’s great to see her step up and thrive in her career. In Season 2, she wants it, but she’s not completely ready. She understands a little about love life, so it would be great if she could make a big leap in her next career.

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PS: The Season 2 story introduces strange characters through Stella. What do you think about the expression on the screen?

“I don’t think we need to talk about character sexuality all the time. If she had a boyfriend, no one would think,’Oh, this is new.'”

Shay Mitchell: I don’t think you need to always talk about your character’s sexuality. If she had a boyfriend, no one would think, “Oh, this is new.” To be honest, I don’t think this is new to Stella. I think she had a relationship between men and women for a while. She doesn’t come out to her, unlike the other characters I played. Interestingly, she is out of her comfort zone in this new relationship with Rive (Lily Shin) She is dating a child and someone, and that adds another level of responsibility. That’s a new feature of Stella. There is never a question of “what gender does my character like?” “She loves it and hopes she has a good time,” I think.

PS: What kind of advice do you give to your character?

EP: Decide what you want and get it.

SM: Please keep doing it. Stella is someone who tries things, understands what works and what doesn’t, and keeps it moving. So I’m not angry with what she is doing now.

PS: Each character’s career is blooming in different ways. Do you have a favorite female boss moment since Season 2?

SM: When Stella opens a bar and has an opening party. She says, “This is where I should be, and I am recognized and respected.”

EP: Even if Izzy introduces ideas for new projects in her work and she fails miserably, I’m still proud of what she’s tried. I think it’s a bad thing.

KD: When Jules accidentally becomes Izzy’s boss. It’s kind of confusing the dynamics of friendship, as she now has to make decisions that can affect Izzy. There’s an interesting scene where Izzy and her boyfriend market this crazy idea and I’m in charge of yes or no.

BS: BS: Watch Madison get out of her comfort zone and start her own public relations company. Her first client is someone she’s not good at expressing perfectly, but she does it anyway. I think that was the first step in recognizing that what she was doing didn’t work, so she should try something new. It’s a lesson that all of us can learn.

Hulu Dollface Cast Talks About Season 2

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