Hunter Schafer talks about Euphoria’s relationship with Jules

Euphoria Hunter schafer Continuing to speak out about navigating the transgender identity of his youth, show fans are naturally interested in the crossover between her and her character Jules.Like in real life, Schafer’s Jules is a young transgender woman on the HBO series — a more explored topic about her. Special standalone episode, Season 1 “Anyone who is not a mass of the sea F * ck”.During a recent episode God’s Frequency with Hunter Schafer & Road, Euphoria Star Opened about the episode — She also co-authored — and shared her amount of pouring into Jules.

“There are a lot of me in the episode,” she says. “And even Jules as a character in the first season … it’s a bit of a mixture of both of us, as much of my experience is consistent with her and Sam’s.” “Jul.” In the episode, Schaefer’s character has a detailed treatment session that talks about her transition, hormone removal, and her life struggle to “conquer femininity.”and Last interview V magazine, Schafer also revealed how Her own transition In real life, it influenced my relationship with Jules.

“It didn’t feel natural at first. All I survived was going through sh * t, resting, and not dealing with it. I think that’s what I was doing. [doing] Up to that point: I’m just going back and forth and fighting to be on the other side of my transition, “she said. [be out of] I don’t think I’ve looked back North Carolina [that experience].. “

“I never acted before Euphoria, which wasn’t in my plan at all.”

Euphoria I have never put the gender identity of Schaefer or her character at the center of the show. That’s because Schaefer evolved Jules into a fully realized character, and his selfishness didn’t revolve around transgender alone. But beyond the struggle for identity, Schaefer also experienced other things that young people often deal with in adulthood: fraudster syndrome.

upon God’s Frequency with Hunter Schafer & Road, She said she almost refused the opportunity to star in Road Euphoria: Torn between the decision to try something new or stick to modeling. “I have never acted before Euphoria “It wasn’t included in my plan at all,” she said. But even with such a performance, I couldn’t dream of acting. “

The decision to take on that role wasn’t easy for Schaefer yet, but the tenacity of the casting team helped convince her to start acting professionally. No one else can imagine anyone else encapsulating Jules like Schaefer, so thank her for the goodness she decided to pursue that part. Euphoria big hit!

Hunter Schafer talks about Euphoria’s relationship with Jules

Source link Hunter Schafer talks about Euphoria’s relationship with Jules

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