Hurricane Aida can be the most expensive weather disaster: United Nations

Hurricane “Aida” is known to have killed four people, but the death toll is expected to increase.

The United Nations said Wednesday that the hurricane Aida, which struck the US Gulf Coast over the weekend, could be the most expensive weather disaster on record.

Louisiana and Mississippi are still aware of the disasters caused by the powerful Category 4 storms that occurred just 16 years after Hurricane Katrina landed and devastated the area.

Ida is known to have killed four people Number of deaths Expected to rise, it knocked out more than a million properties across Louisiana.

Economic cost It will be higher than Katrina. ” Petteri Taaras, head of the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO), told reporters in Geneva.

He pointed out “serious damage to Louisiana’s electrical system” as an example.

To date, Katrina, which killed more than 1,800 people and destroyed most of New Orleans, was considered the most costly weather-related disaster to date.

Mortality and Economic loss Extreme weather, climate and water conditions from 1970 to 2019 showed that Katrina caused an economic loss of nearly $ 164 billion.

Today, Hurricane Harvey and Maria in 2017 are considered the second and third most costly weather-related disasters, with price tags of nearly $ 97 billion and more than $ 69 billion, respectively.

Taalas said it would probably take more than a month to get a full cost estimate of the losses caused by Ida.

But he welcomed it improved Early alert Flood protection systems and evacuation procedures seemed to save many lives.

“For Aida, the good news is that there were far fewer casualties compared to Katrina,” Taaras said.

United Nations Secretary-General Mami Mizutori Disaster risk reductionI agreed.

She told reporters that the difference between the effects of the two storms shows the importance of investing in prevention.

“The economic losses will certainly be quite large, but the good news is … the mortality rate is very very low, and this is because the cities of New Orleans and Louisiana … have invested in prevention. . “

The biggest difference since Katrina was the investment of $ 14.5 billion in the construction of flood walls and levees as part of the new “Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System”.

“They didn’t wait for the next century to do this. They did it very quickly.”

United Nations: The number and cost of meteorological disasters will skyrocket, but deaths will fall

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Hurricane Aida can be the most expensive weather disaster: United Nations

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