Hurricane Aida Recovery: City Council Holds Hearing to Prevent Floods, Future Storms Damage

New York City (WABC)-The New York City Council held a hearing on Tuesday to discuss ways to prevent repeated deadly devastation left by the remnants of Hurricane Ida. death.

City leaders discussed ways to make better preparations in the future.

“Nothing is safe when floods are coming from above, not just from rivers and oceans,” said New York City Council member Mark Levine.

I went to the meeting room of the city council for an answer. The city council’s meeting rooms repeatedly admitted that the city’s infrastructure wasn’t built to withstand the devastating floods of September 1.

“Currently, the system is designed to handle about half of what we see in Aida,” said Vincent Sapienza, a member of the New York City Environmental Protection Agency. “As you know, it goes from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches in an hour.”

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The storm rained more than three inches in New York City in an hour, and the spectacular floods turned the entire neighborhood into a river.

Flash floods struck an underground apartment, trapping 11 of the 13 victims and eventually killing them.

The country’s largest subway system looked like a water park, requiring 75 million gallons of water to be pumped out of a tunnel before full service could be restored.

“The city’s sewer system is not equipped to handle such a large amount of rainwater,” said Demetrius Kritirou, senior vice president of New York City Transit Authority.

Experts estimate that 75% of cities are built on filthy surfaces where water cannot penetrate the ground. Plans are underway to replace some hard surfaces with so-called “green infrastructure” and target some areas with larger capacity sewers.

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“We are looking at supplementary ways to improve drainage. Green infrastructure, high-level storm sewers, and stormwater storage sapienza,” these are better tools for now. ” Stated.

However, it is virtually impossible to upgrade the entire city’s sewer network.

“What we say is that, as you know, it won’t happen to remove the entire 7,500-mile sewer and put in a double-sized sewer,” Sapienza said.

Authorities say it won’t change much overnight. Make warnings clearer, messages clearer, and plan worst-case scenarios. There aren’t many long-term solutions to bugs, but they can take years.

A federal disaster declaration was made for five provinces and Nassau County.

To apply for federal assistance, please visit: DisasterAssistance.gov/ Or call 1-800-621-FEMA.

For more information about New York City and New York City, please visit: NY.gov/Ida When NYC.gov/Ida..

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Hurricane Aida Recovery: City Council Holds Hearing to Prevent Floods, Future Storms Damage

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