Hurricane Nicholas Lands in Texas

Hurricane Nicholas off Texas, USA on Monday.

Hurricane Nicholas crashed into the Texas coast early Tuesday morning, and meteorologists warned of a life-threatening flood.

NS storm Maximum sustained winds were expected to be 75 mph (120 km) and up to 18 inches (about 460 mm) of rain in the Houston area, according to meteorological authorities.

The US National Hurricane Center wrote in its latest recommendation that the storm landed around 0530 Greenwich Mean Time.

Earlier, national monitors warned that the storm was causing it. “heavy rain, Strong winds, and storm surges to parts of the central and upper coast of Texas. “

“Especially in highly urbanized areas, life-threatening flash floods have an impact. Metropolitan areaIt’s possible, “he added.

Rainfall of 6-12 inches is expected in parts of Texas and western Louisiana. “This rainfall can cause significant flashes and floods in the city,” the center said.

According to the Miami-based observatory, the center of the hurricane was above the eastern part of the Matagorda Peninsula early Tuesday morning.

Matagorda is just a few miles southwest of Houston, Texas’s largest city.

NHC also published Storm surge It warns many of the Gulf Coast, meaning that “rising water levels moving inland from the coastline can lead to life-threatening inundation.”

“This is a life-threatening situation,” he warned the local people to “take all necessary actions to protect life and property.”

Flight canceled

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said the city was on the alert, saying it was partially devastated by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Authorities built a barricade, activated the Houston Emergency Management Agency, and instructed residents to take special safety measures.

“Because heavy rain is expected, leave the road until sunset and avoid driving tomorrow,” Turner tweeted.

Prior to the arrival of the storm, many flights were canceled at airports in the Houston area and the waterways of Houston ships in the busy port were closed, said a spokesman for the agency that steers the ships through the waterways.

Schools closed on Monday afternoon throughout the storm-affected area and will remain closed on Tuesday, officials said.

Customers rushed to local gas stations and supermarkets to fill fuel tanks and stock up on bottled water, toilet paper, and fresh food such as milk and eggs.

Texas isn’t a stranger to hurricanes, but scientists warn that climate change is making storms more powerful and risking coastal communities.

The coastline is already suffering from floods, which are amplified by rising sea levels.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott urged residents to prepare.

“All Texas people in the path of this storm will take precautions, pay attention to the guidance of the authorities, and be vigilant while this harsh weather passes through Texas,” he said in a statement. rice field.

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Hurricane Nicholas Lands in Texas

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