I heard from a teenage family who found no reaction in the car

East Naples

WINK News first told you last Wednesday that two teens were first found unresponsive in a car in a park in Collier County. Teens later died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Now a family of teens is talking about a life taken too early.

What was thought to be “See you again” was the final farewell. 17-year-old Yajaya Escalante died of carbon monoxide poisoning on Wednesday at Sugden Regional Park in eastern Naples.

Irma Escalante is the mother of Yajaria. “If she knew she was the last to meet, she would never let go when she hugged and kissed and left,” Irma said.

A few days after her death, her family and friends are still in shock and distrust.

Nasari Reyes was a friend of Yajaya. “I’m still sending her a text message. I’m still sending her my memes and stuff like that. She just wants to send me a text message back, which makes it impossible I know it will be, “Reyes said. “Still, it makes me feel like she’s there.”

Jaretzi Jimenez is a friend of Yajaira and a neighbor of the family. “It’s really painful to know she’s gone, and I’m not going to spend another holiday with her,” Jimenez said.

Yajaira was last year before graduation. After that, she planned to become a nurse. Why? She wanted to help people, as her loved one says.

She was always smiling. Michele Cruz was also a friend of Yajaira. “The moment she entered the room, it quickly brightened and her laughter was very contagious,” Cruz said.

She wanted to help others as much as she helped her family. Jermy Escalante is a cousin of Yajaira. “I’ve been suffering from depression since I was a kid and she was always there. She supported me, and I’m still here thanks to her,” Jamie said. rice field.

Irma says her home is by no means the same now that her daughter is gone. “Yajaira left a vacant place in her family and her mind. Yajaira was not only her daughter, but also one of her best friends,” she said.

Those who know and love Yajaya as friends, sisters and daughters are determined to keep her memory alive.

The family says he is grateful for all the support and prayers he received from the community during his difficult times. They will hold a memorial service for Yajaya on Friday.

I heard from a teenage family who found no reaction in the car

Source link I heard from a teenage family who found no reaction in the car

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