I know what you did last summer: Clara Allison’s mom?

In the middle of Amazon I know what you did last summer, And the latest episode reveals yet another shocking truth.Wifena’s mysterious murderer is still loose Allison (Madison Iseman), Margot (Browne Bloom), Dylan (Ezekiel Goodman), Riley (Ashley Moore) are hot on their tracks, but during episode 5 released on October 22, the crew was a mysterious female Clara (Clara) Invades Brooke Bloom’s house) She is also a former cult member because they believe she may be behind all the murders. While searching for evidence to prove she is a murderer, Alison encounters something pitiful that makes her father, Bruce (Bill Heck), seem quite suspicious.

As we saw in episode 4, it became clear that Bruce and Clara actually knew each other, but what we learned in the latest episode is that they know each other well as ex-husband and ex-wife. It means that (I didn’t see it at all) has arrived)! Yes, Alison found a photo album at Clara’s house that took some pictures of her and Bruce together. wedding formula. This latest revelation could provide clues that Clara is actually their mother, as the identities of the twin mothers, who are alleged to have died of suicide years before the show, have not yet been confirmed. there is.

Apart from the newly discovered photo of Bruce and Clara together, there is also the fact that the latter finds and holds Lennon’s body after it was abandoned in a cave. NS Theories that may be floating Clara’s cult life forced her to abandon Alison and Lennon, so Bruce had to create a concealment about her mother’s death to protect her twins. There are still many vague details around Clara and her story, but she clearly plays a central role in this complex series of events. Is she really a twin mother? Can she also be a murderer? You need to continue adjusting to find out.

I know what you did last summer: Clara Allison’s mom?

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