I want to delete social media, can’t I delete it myself?There are several ways to take that step

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For over a decade, we have been deeply immersed in our romantic relationships with social media. And the idea of ​​getting things done can be painful. But like any other relationship, if social media doesn’t make you happy, and if curating an online persona isn’t fun but exhausted, it may be time to say goodbye.

At the end of last year, Meta (formerly Facebook) was subsequently placed under close scrutiny. Leaked documents The company’s products, especially Instagram, are fully aware of the negative impacts on users’ mental health.

Meta has entered damage control directly. However, no one seemed to be particularly surprised by the news. Teen girl, Who identified Meta as the most endangered. Did the leak just confirm that we were already suspicious? Does that mean that social media can be much more harmful than useful?

How has your former carefree relationship with social media deteriorated? And perhaps most importantly, can (or should) be recovered?

Find a danger signal

Relationship counselors will often ask troubled couples to think about why they made them happy in their relationship. Social media has several redemption features for the nasty Pekkadiro.

Through the pandemic, our ability to stay connected with people we cannot see directly has become incredibly valuable. Social media also helps people find their tribe, especially if people in the offline world do not share their values ​​and beliefs.

But if you can’t spend the day without traversing the site and you feel like or like, your relationship becomes a problem.

Although far from a solution, most screen time research focuses on the negative effects of excessive or problematic screen use on well-being and mental health. 2021 Meta-analysis Of the 55 studies with a total sample size of 80,533, we found a positive (albeit small) association between depressive symptoms and social media use.

That was an important discovery Negative results The use of social media was likely to come from how participants were created feltNot how long they used it.

Information overload

When trying to understand why social media makes us feel less than content, we can’t miss the impact of 24/7 news (and). Fake news) Stream our collective spirit.

2021 Deloitte Research 79% of Australians consider fake news to be a problem, and only 18% feel that the information obtained via social media is reliable. Having to navigate content that is intentionally intended to perpetuate fear and dissent only increases the cognitive and emotional burden on people.

But here is the rubbing. It seems that we are generally concerned that technology will have a negative impact on our well-being, but this does not lead to behavioral changes at the individual level.

Failure to disconnect from social media can further undermine alternatives.

I myself research More than two-thirds of survey participants released last year believed that overuse of smartphones could adversely affect well-being, but personal usage remains very high, with daily averages. It was 184 minutes. There was no relationship between belief and action.

What leads to this apparent cognitive dissonance?Long-term results study Researchers at the University of Amsterdam may provide clues. They found that living in a “permanently online” world reduced self-control over the use of social media and subsequently reduced happiness.

In other words, we know that what we are doing may be bad for us, but we do it anyway.

Easy steps you can take

How can I find out when to reassess my relationship with social media? There is one seemingly simple question. How does it make you feel?

Think about how you feel before, during, and after using social media. If you feel like you’re wasting most of your day, a week (or, dare to say, your life) on social media, that’s a clue. If you feel sadness, anxiety, guilt, fear, or other negative emotions, there is an answer.

But if the divorced social media suddenly feels a step too far away, what else can you do to slowly leave or save the relationship?

1. Start with trial separation

You can use “Soft Remove” to see how you feel without social media before performing a hard remove. Inform your friends and family that you’re taking a break, remove the app from your device, and set a goal of 1-2 weeks to avoid accessing your account. If the world is still spinning at the end of this trial, continue! When you’re no longer attracted to social media, you’re ready to press Delete.

2. Reduce the number of platforms you use

If you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit installed on your phone, tablet or computer, you may be drowning past the saturation point. Choose one or two apps that really serve a meaningful purpose and throw away the rest.Generation X finds it difficult to say goodbye to Facebook, but Generation Z is mostly Say goodbye.. If they can do it, you can do it too!

3. If steps 1 and 2 are still too much, try spending less time on social media

First of all, turn off all notifications (yes, all notifications). It is almost impossible to stop if it is conditioned to accommodate all “bing”. Set aside time each day for all social media to catch up and browse. Set an alarm on a predetermined time allocation, and when it rings, hang up until the same time tomorrow.

This is not an easy task Social media It may hurt at first. But if the relationship becomes uncomfortable or abused, it’s time to get up. And who knows the immense happiness you might find beyond the four walls of the screen?

Survey: Americans determine the impact of social media on mental health and society as a whole

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I want to delete social media, can’t I delete it myself?There are several ways to take that step

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