IBIA Expands Betting Market Data Trading with H2 Gambling Capital

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The International Betting Integrity Association Extended partnership agreement with (IBIA) H2 Gambling CapitalGlobal Specialist Gambling Sector Market Data Provider and maintains H2 as IBIA’s official betting market data partner.

Access to H2’s extensive market database of 2 million data points covering more than 160 gambling jurisdictions in more than 100 countries is also included in the transaction extension.

H2 data is used for regulatory consultations and IBIA’s response to broader market activity. Optimal betting market research Published last June.

This extension requires the IBIA to expand its membership base and operations, recently launched in North America, and require that several states in the United States and Ontario, Canada, be part of the integrity monitoring agency for sports betting operators. Because it is.

Khalid AliIBIA CEO commented:

“The data is important in advancing evidence-based proposals with various stakeholders around the world. Therefore, the IBIA will continue its partnership, which is a key point in the development of global regulated betting. welcome.”

H2 is not only a provider of market data and intelligence, but also “tracks and comments on market regulatory movements, provides up-to-date information and financial models to all major companies in the sector, and” more details “for premium clients. “We will carry out a custom advisory commission.”

“IBIA is at the forefront of the modernization of the global betting industry and is proud to partner with associations representing nearly 100 international betting brands,” he added. David HenwoodDirector of H2 Gambling Capital.

“Our collaboration on optimal market regulation has proven to be groundbreaking, and further specialization of the sector requires a great deal of accurate market data and analysis, so we work with IBIA in this area. We are pleased to be a co-partner. “

IBIA Expands Betting Market Data Trading with H2 Gambling Capital

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