IBM announces development of 127 qubit quantum processor

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IBM has announced the development of a 127 qubit quantum processor. IBM Quantum Page and inside IBM Quantum Summit 2021.. As part of the announcement, IBM will also make computers running new processors available to IBM Quantum Network members, and two other perhaps more powerful processors that the company has named Osprey and Condor over the next two years. We also announced that we have plans to release it. .. The current processor is named Eagle.

Over the last decade, some well-known technology companies have been working hard to develop truly functional and useful quantum computers. Such efforts have been categorized into two main camps: those that use intertwined photons to create quantum computers and those that use superconducting materials. All processors announced by IBM are based on superconducting materials.

The announcement by IBM marks the record of superconducting quantum computers on a machine created by a team at the University of Science and Technology of China. The previous record for the number of qubits was 60. The new mark 127 suggests a significant increase in computing power, but IBM has not yet released data on the performance of new machines.But it did not stop claiming that the company created the world’s largest superconductor-based quantum. computer..Company representatives also claim that Eagle is the first processor This cannot be simulated on a traditional supercomputer. They foretold the development of quantum computers as a major step towards the development and use of quantum computers that can not only surpass classic computers but also tackle some problems that take thousands of years to process traditional computers. doing.

The Eagle processor was built using new technology. Cubit A control component located in multiple physical layer architectures with qubits held in different layers. IBM states that such an arrangement helps with stability. The company also states that the same design will be used for both the Osprey and the Condor. The former is 433 qubits and the latter is 1121 qubits. The company also said that the condor was delivered in 2023. society We provide machines with quantum transcendence.

Studies show the potential of quantum computers consisting of small processors and storage units

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IBM announces development of 127 qubit quantum processor

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