Idaho Legislature accused of rape sues fifth

Boise, Idaho – Faced with rape allegations from a 19-year-old intern, Aidaho lawmakers at a legislative ethics hearing Wednesday after his lawyer told him to exercise his constitutional right to self-incrimination. I refused to answer that question.

The Commission used testimony from the Ethics Hearing of Republican Lewison Aaron von Elinger to determine whether the 38-year-old was “engaged in actions that did not represent a detrimental to the integrity of the House of Representatives.” Judge.

The investigation into von Elinger’s behavior began in March after the intern told the supervisor that von Elinger had raped her in the apartment after the two had dinner at a restaurant. A criminal investigation is underway at the Boise Police Department. Von Elinger denies that claim, claiming that the sexual encounter has reached an agreement.

When a lawmaker was asked what had happened in his apartment, his lawyer Edward Dinginger told him not to answer.


“I have instructed him not to answer these questions based on his fifth amendment rights, and I think a competent lawyer can advise him in other ways. No, “Dindinger said.

A young intern who was forced to testify at a hearing and testified using the name “Jane Doe” told the Commission several different ways when he tried to initiate his sexual contact. The apartment told von Elinger that he said “no”.

She also made her statement to the police (a lawmaker fixed her, forced oral sex, and masturbated to her while her arms were trapped after she lifted her head). I confirmed with the committee that it was correct.

The Associated Press generally does not identify people who claim to have been sexually assaulted.




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Idaho Legislature accused of rape sues fifth

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