Iggy Azalea applauds the commentator who came for her son

When it comes to protecting your child from the negatives, it seems that the mother is doing the job all week long. First, Meme O. applauded the commenter about her daughter throwing hand gestures.now Iggy Azalea I’m doing the same for her son. Yesterday, the rapper had to applaud a few Twitter users after people commented on Playboi Carti in a dinosaur costume, his son with Onyx.

The user reposted a photo of Onyx on the floor in a dinosaur costume, “Where is Carti? This ni ** a needs to enter the RAF right away.” Iggy didn’t have it. , Immediately returned to normal. “Imagine being so miserable that choosing your clothes is bullying a one-year-old child,” she continued, “you will be very tired and bored, and it’s really terrible. It’s a shame. “Iggy continued to respond to Twitter users who tried to downplay the situation, saying it wasn’t too deep, but Iggy tweeted another way. She chose violence and told users to say, “It applies to her in real life and knows it is.”

Iggy informed her that she wasn’t playing with her child at all. In the midst of the turmoil, Safari devoted himself to the conversation by advising Iggy. He suggested that she no longer post her children on social media because we feel that innocent children live in a sad world of illness contaminated with the evil eye.

Some of the divorced wife Erica Mena and her roommates, who had problems with their absence after the birth of their premature son, found it inappropriate to give parenting advice.

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Iggy Azalea applauds the commentator who came for her son

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