In a statement about the loss of the defamation proceeding, Tasha K said she “will not change one thing.”

Tasha K Defamation proceedings It was raised against her by Cardi B. The jury confirmed on Monday that Tasha K and her company Kebe Studios LLC will be responsible for all claims.

These allegations include defamation, invasion of privacy by false portrayals of light, and intentional mental distress of mental distress. Both Tasha and Kebe Studios, Nearly $ 4 million..

Tasha releases video statement

“The last four years of fighting this plot have been very difficult, but I wasn’t going to change one thing about it,” Tasha said in her. Video statement..

Tasha said she “learned a lot” throughout the trials with “powerful and insightful” moments. The blogger also said her conviction was “not a shock” to her, her husband, or her legal team.

“We called a bluff for a machine that wanted to bully me unwaveringly from my personal beliefs,” Tasha K said. “A machine that benefits companies to protect prostitution, drug use, orgy, and to admire violence that causes havoc in our societies and neighborhoods.”

According to Tasha K, the machine she described “had a very unfavorable verdict” against her and Kebe Studios. She said the verdict was “based solely on sympathy and payola.” In addition, Tasha believes the incident was “successful.” [her] Become an angry and malicious woman. She continued to protect her platform and her company.

“This is a real business,” Tasha said. “I’m a 17-year-old wife, a mother of a beautiful 15-year-old girl who is an honor student and a 2-year-old son. My platform creates news and sheds light on the problems that are occurring in our society. . “

Tasha denies conviction

Tasha reiterated her rights to the First Amendment. In the second half of the 12-minute video, she denied all her claims that her jury had pleaded guilty.

“There was no defamation, no invasion of privacy, no suicidal ideation, and we proved it with sufficient evidence of fact,” Tasha said.

This statement delves into some of Cardy’s testimony during the trial. The rapper told the jury that he “wants to commit suicide” because of the false story Tasha announced about her. These stories included false allegations of prostitution, infidelity, sexual invasion with beer bottles, herpes contractions, and the use of hard drugs.

Tasha will appeal. This decision will be made after the jury has given Cardy a large $ 3.8 in damages, medical, attorney’s and punitive damages proceedings.

“We will fight, regardless of cost or length, even if this takes years,” Tasha said.

Celebrity gossip commentators said they would challenge the fight “as needed to the Supreme Court.” Interestingly, the Law 360 report dated January 14 states that bloggers have admitted to spreading lies.

“I knew that sh * t was a fake,” Tasha reportedly said in a video. “I wanted money. This is a business. This is called a rating.”

Cardi B issues statement

Following the additional compensation given on Tuesday, Cardi B issued a statement about her victory.

“During this trial, you learned about the darkest times of my life. That moment was fueled by a vulgar, nasty, and completely false story that was repeatedly and relentlessly shared online. “Cardy said.

“I never thought I would be asked or proved, and I felt completely helpless and defenseless. I deserve the platform that my fame gives me. I never thought of it, so for over three years I devoted all the resources I had to seek justice. “

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In a statement about the loss of the defamation proceeding, Tasha K said she “will not change one thing.”

Source link In a statement about the loss of the defamation proceeding, Tasha K said she “will not change one thing.”

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