India tightens screws as COVID-19 infection sets new record

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India’s worst-affected state has tightened its coronavirus limits on Monday as the number of daily infections exceeded 100,000 for the first time in the country.

The country is only the second to record so many new cases a day after the United States.

Earlier this year, hopes that the outbreak could subside in a vast country of 1.3 billion people have been shattered in recent weeks by a new wave that has pushed a total of 12.5 million infections and 165,000 deaths across the country. I did.

In the worst-hit state, Maharashtra, about 60,000 cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours.

Struggling to curb the outbreak, state officials tightened the evening curfew on Sunday, allowing only those involved in important services from home from 8 pm to 7 am.

Weekend blockades will also take place in areas of 110 million people, banning gatherings of more than four people, and closing private offices, restaurants, cinemas, pools, bars, places of worship and public areas.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is anxious to avoid imposing a new national blockade after the March 2020 closure caused widespread human and economic misery.

Modi chaired the High Level Conference on Sunday, with a subsequent statement from April 6-14, focusing on the use of 100% masks in public places / workplaces and medical facilities, personal hygiene and hygiene. We announced a campaign to raise awareness.

In the capital, New Delhi, the prime minister has ruled out a new blockade despite the surge in incidents. Police say they are fined more for those who don’t wear masks.

“The fear of COVID-19 is gone. Most people, including many of my passengers, don’t wear masks properly,” said Surjit Singh, 68, a rickshaw driver. I told AFP.

Rajesh Mohan Bindlish, 34, a bank executive in Noida outside the capital, said police should be stricter, but the government should avoid another blockade.

“The economy has been hit hard and won’t be good for all of us. We can’t confuse the economic recovery because so many jobs depend on it,” Bindlish told AFP.

“The number of cases has increased because outsiders have become so lazy about the overall situation. If the fines are increased and their implementation is stricter, things will improve,” he said.

India has been vaccinated about 80 million times so far.

Last week it opened vaccinations to all people over the age of 45 to speed up its flagging national vaccination drive.

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India tightens screws as COVID-19 infection sets new record

Source link India tightens screws as COVID-19 infection sets new record

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