India’s Covid cases surge to over 20 million: official data

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The total number of COVID cases in India surged to over 20 million on Tuesday, official data showed. The pandemic continued to cause havoc in national hospitals.

In the last 24 hours, India has added 357,229 cases, for a total of 20.3 million cases, according to the Ministry of Health. The death toll increased by 3,449 to 222,408. Many experts believe that the true numbers are much higher.

India has added about 8 million new cases in a ferocious new wave blaming viral variants since the end of March, and the government has allowed most activities resumed and large-scale religious and political rallies. ..

This has led to serious shortages of beds, medicines and oxygen, including overwhelming India’s chronically underfunded health care system and the death of patients outside of packed clinics in New Delhi and elsewhere. ..

However, the number of new cases per day has declined recently, peaking at 402,000 on Friday.

“Analyzing daily cases and deaths shows very fast signs of positive movement,” a senior health ministry official, Love Agruwar, told reporters Monday.

“But these are very early signals, and we need to make relevant efforts to analyze them further and monitor them continuously,” he added.

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India’s Covid cases surge to over 20 million: official data

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