Indonesian crocodile released 5 years after being trapped in a tire

Indonesian protection authorities have been trying to seduce the affected saltwater crocodile since 2016.

Indonesian wild crocodiles, which had been trapped in tires for over five years, were rescued, freed from rubber vices and returned to the wild, officials and residents said Tuesday.

Nature maintenance workers are trying to seduce the victims Saltwater crocodile From the river since 2016 after residents of the city of Pal in Sulawesi found animals on their bikes tire I wrapped it around my neck.

However, late Monday, it was locals who caught 5.2 meters (17 feet) long reptiles, which were regularly seen sunbathing on the Palu River in central Sulawesi.

Tiri, a 34-year-old bird seller, caught the beast using chickens as food and rope at the end of the three weeks. relief Dozens of locals made an effort before dragging the crocodile to the shore and helping to cut the tires around the neck.

“I just wanted to help. I hate seeing animals trapped and suffering,” Tiri, who uses only one name like many Indonesians, told AFP.

Before turning to the nylon rope used to pull the ship, his first two attempts to rescue the crocodile failed because the rope was not strong enough to counter its weight and he said. Said.

“I was already exhausted, so I gave them a rescue. The crocodile was incredibly heavy, everyone was sweating and very tired.”

Conservationists believe that someone may have intentionally placed a tire around the neck of a protected animal.

Conservationists believe that someone may have deliberately placed a tire on the neck of a protected animal and attempted to catch it as a pet and failed.

The crocodile was returned to the water shortly after the rescue to soften the cheers of the locals.

Conservationists believe that in an archipelago country with several species of animals, someone may have intentionally wrapped a tire around the neck of a crocodile and failed to catch it as a pet.

Tiri defeated the authorities due to a lack of suitable equipment to rescue the river, which accommodates more than 30 others. crocodile..

“Yesterday was a historic day for us. We are grateful that the crocodile was finally rescued. We are grateful to the locals for their interest in wildlife,” said a local conservation agency. The person in charge, Hasmuni Hasmar, told AFP.

Reptiles promised rewards to those who caught the crocodile and removed the tires in early 2020, but were talked about by canceling the contest because it could jeopardize safety.

However, the local Nature Maintenance Agency said Tiri was lined up to win the award after his bold plans were rewarded.

“We award Tiri for his efforts to save wildlife,” Hasmer said.

Competition to save Indonesian crocodile attacked by tire necklace

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Indonesian crocodile released 5 years after being trapped in a tire

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