Indonesian volcanic eruption kills 13 people

The eruption of Java’s largest mountain surprised locals on Saturday and fled thousands of people.

Indonesian rescue teams competed to find survivors in a village covered with melted ash on Sunday after at least 13 people were killed and dozens were injured in the eruption of Mount Semeru, officials said. rice field.

The largest mountain eruption on Java Island surprised locals on Saturday, with thousands fleeing and driving hundreds of families to temporary housing.

At least 11 villages in the Lumajang district of East Java volcanic ashSubmerge homes and cars, choke livestock, and leave at least 900 refugees in mosques, schools, and village halls seeking shelter.

“I didn’t know it was hot mud,” said Bunadi, a resident of Kampung Renteng, a village of about 3,000 people. “Suddenly, when rain and hot smoke came, the sky became dark.”

Dramatic footage showed Smel pumping an ashes mushroom into the sky and approaching a nearby villager screaming as he fled.

“Currently, there are 13 deaths. Rescuers have found more bodies,” Abdul Muhari, a spokesman for the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, told AFP without identifying the cause of death.

Two of the victims were identified, he said in a later statement.

At least 57 people, including two pregnant women, were injured in the eruption, 41 of whom were burned and hospitalized, officials said in a press release.

The lava had already destroyed at least one bridge in Lumajan, preventing rescuers from having immediate access to the lava-mixed area.

The lava had already destroyed at least one bridge in Lumajan, preventing rescuers from accessing the area immediately.

President Joko Widodo ordered a swift emergency response to find victims on Sunday after the scale of the disaster was revealed, said Secretary of State Praticno, who goes by a single name like many Indonesians. rice field.

According to Muhari, villagers and rescuers worked overnight to rescue as many as 10 trapped people from the area around Lumajan to find those trapped and those who recovered their bodies.

The local broadcaster Kompas TV was rescued Local workers At a sand mining site.

However, Indonesia’s Metro TV emphasized the difficulty of rescue operations and reported that rescue operations were hampered by hot ash and debris, which was temporarily suspended due to a cloud of hot ash on Sunday.

Heavy rains also risk ash deposits forming new rivers of hot lava, the country’s top volcanologist Slono told the station.

Adi Hendro, a spokesman for the Lumajan Public Order Agency, told AFP that most of the people who were burned shortly afterwards stayed in their villages because they misunderstood the hot mud flow due to the floods.

“They didn’t have time to escape,” he said.

Indonesia: Eruption of Mount Sebel

A map of Indonesia showing the location of Mount Sebel, which erupted on Saturday.

“Still alive”

At least seven people have been missing since the eruption, two of whom are still alive, officials believe, according to Hendro.

“Probably because of the light from their cell phones, there were signs that they were still alive,” he said.

“But the ground is still so hot that I can’t go there.”

Lava, a mixture of debris and heavy rain, had already destroyed at least one bridge in Lumajan, preventing rescuers from immediately accessing the area.

However, the footage of the ambulance crew on Sunday is village Rescue workers and Kampong Renten struggling surrounded by buckled buildings and fallen trees.

“There were 10 people swept away by the mud,” said Salim, another resident of Kampong Renten.

“One of them was almost saved. He was told to run away, but he said,’I can’t, who feeds my cows?'”

After the eruption of Mount Semeru, evacuees evacuate to the mosque in Lumajang

After the eruption of Mount Semeru, evacuees evacuate to the mosque in Lumajang.

Wrecked house

In other areas, villagers desperately rescued their belongings from the destroyed house and tried to put mattresses and furniture on their shoulders while others were holding goats in their arms.

According to Muhari, the rescue team used a heavy loader to remove debris and clear the road.

Locals are advised not to travel within 5 km (3.1 miles) of the crater of Mount Semeru, as the nearby air is heavily polluted and can affect vulnerable groups.

Authorities are sending aid such as food, tarpaulins, face masks and body bags to shelters.

According to the Indonesian geological institution, the ash ejected by the volcano traveled up to 4 km away and reached the Indian Ocean in southern Java.

Volcano alerts remain at the second highest level since the last major eruption in December 2020. Thousands of people fled the village and were destroyed.

The head of the Indonesian Volcanology Center said Thursday warned authorities about the increase. Volcanic activity..

Indonesia is located in the Ring of Fire, where the association of continental plates causes high volcanic and seismic activity, with nearly 130 active volcanoes.

In late 2018, an eruption in the strait between Java and Sumatra caused a submarine landslide and tsunami that killed more than 400 people.

Semeru volcano on Java Island, Indonesia spews hot clouds

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Indonesian volcanic eruption kills 13 people

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