Injured hunter rescued after fall from tree stand: MI cops

A 61-year-old hunter was rescued in Michigan after falling from a tree stand, officials say.

Michigan State Police.

A 61-year-old man needed rescue after falling from a tree stand while hunting deer in northern Michigan, officials say.

It was about 6 a.m. on the first day of firearm deer season, Nov. 15, when the hunter fell 25 feet from his tree stand, Michigan State Police said in a news release.

He suffered “possible” injuries to his pelvis, back and chest, officials said. His backpack was still on the ground and he crawled over to it, found his phone and made two calls — one to his brother and the other to 911, according to the release.

Authorities found the man’s vehicle near Dead Stream Swamp, in Roscommon County, and his brother arrived at the area soon after and helped lead rescuers to the hunter’s location, police said.

However, the terrain was too rugged for a ground rescue, and a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter flew to the scene and lifted the man to safety, officials said.

Authorities did not comment on the man’s condition.

Roscommon County is roughly 190 miles northwest of Detroit.

Mitchell Willetts is a real-time news reporter covering the central U.S. for McClatchy. He is a University of Oklahoma graduate and outdoors enthusiast living in Texas. Injured hunter rescued after fall from tree stand: MI cops

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