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Renée Zellweger Known for her incredible range of acting and variety, she plays both fictional characters and real people throughout her career. She returned to the screen as the actress “Pam Hupp”.About Pamtrue story About the criminal behind the vicious murder.

Future limited series from NBC“Things about Pam” is based on Dateline podcast with the same nameInvestigated the 2011 killings of Betsy Faria. Following Faria’s murder, her husband, Las Faria, was convicted of a crime in 2013 and was sentenced to nearly two years in prison until his lawyer retried him. Russ was exonerated in 2015 because of new evidence and attention to Faria’s friend Pam Hupp. But what did Happ have to do with this murder?

If you’re curious about the incredible à clef behind “The Thing About Pam,” here’s everything you need to know about this incident before the series is released on March 8.

How did Pam Hupp and Betsy Faria become friends?

Pam Hupp, along with her husband Mark Happ, moved to O’Fallon, Missouri in 2001 and began working at the town’s State Farm Insurance Office. It was her new job to meet Faria, a kind and friendly 32-year-old who worked in the office. The two became friendly, but their friendship did not grow significantly until Faria was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.

Happ was quick and deeply involved in Faria’s life, taking her to a chemotherapy session and listening to Faria’s life. Growing concerns about the financial inheritance she will leave for her family If she dies. Faria’s father, Ken Meyer, said in the summer when she was diagnosed, “I was worried that her two teenage daughters would stupidly spend money, and her husband also” offended it. ” I was worried that it might be. ” St. Louis Magazine.

What’s the only other wise option to handle Faria’s finances? Pam Happ. Just five days before the murder, on December 22, 2011, Faria nominated Happ as the only beneficiary of a $ 150,000 life insurance policy.

What happened to Betsy Faria?

December 27, 2011 was a normal day for Betsy Faria. She spent time with her mother and her mother’s friend Bobby Wang before her chemotherapy treatment. At this point, the cancer had spread to her liver and she was her terminal illness. Wang took Faria to her treatment that day in place of Happ, who was out of her normal routine. Nonetheless, Happ appeared at the Sightman Cancer Center, where Faria was still being treated, and insisted on driving her home in Troy, Missouri.

Faria sent a text message to her husband Russ about the plan change, which was the last time he heard from her. Russ was out with her friend and wasn’t at home. Happ dropped Faria around 7 pm and was the last person to see her alive. When Russ came home almost two hours later, He found Faria’s bloody body on the floor of the living room It’s called 911.

Why was Betsy Faria’s husband, Russ, charged and convicted of her murder?

Just minutes after discovering his wife’s body, Las Faria called 911. Furious Russ initially thought he had taken his life and reflected this in the coordinator. Faria had 55 puncture wounds, which he speculated was a suspicious self-harm to the detective. According to NBC News, Russ’s fluctuating emotions, as well as Russ’s blood-stained slippers and a handwritten note (probably written by Faria) describing how she fears her husband. Physical evidence, including Made him the prime suspect..

In addition to physical evidence for him, Happ portrayed Russ as a criminal abusive husband. This helped the prosecutor file a proceeding against him.Using evidence found in the field, fake polygraph tests that failed, and Hupp’s testimony, Russ Convicted of first-class murderThe St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that he was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, along with an armed criminal procedure.

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How was Pam Hupp caught?

After Russ was convicted in 2013, defense counsel Joel Swartz filed a motion for retrial, following some new evidence that could involve someone else as Faria’s murderer. .. Pam Hupp had raised $ 150,000 in Faria’s life insurance policy, all of which was to be entrusted to her two daughters, but this never happened.

Two years after Faria’s death, Happ finally Establish a $ 100,000 Children’s FundAccording to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the remaining $ 50,000 was for Happ’s friend, who also suffers from cancer, but she died before Happ had the opportunity to give it to her. .. Hupp maintained $ 50,000.

Russ was exonerated in 2015 after a retrial. There were some suspicious clues to point out Happ as Faria’s murderer, but until 2019, three years after she shot and killed a man named Louis Gampenberger on suspicion of attempted robbery, she was officially suspected. Was not considered. Hupp is by Gumpenberger Kidnapped her to get Las Faria’s money and then tried to pay $ 10,000According to people.

The problem is that Hupp wasn’t enough. Gampenberger was physically and mentally impaired due to brain damage, and the detective determined that it was a factor that prevented him from committing the crime in the way Happ claimed. They conclude that Happ made an elaborate plan to kill Gampenberger in order to further assemble Russ and divert suspicions about her involvement in Faria’s murder.

Where are Rasparia and Pamhap today?

Las Faria received a $ 2 million settlement from Lincoln County for the tort of a criminal trial convicted of his wife’s murder. Pam Hupp was charged with first-class murder and armed crime and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole in the murder of Louis Gampenberger.

July 2021, Hupp was charged with a single murder and armed criminal procedure for Faria’s death.However, according to NBC News, she claims to have nothing to do with Faria’s death.

Inside story about Pam

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