Institute director accuses hospital of failure of fertility clinic

Three years after a dysfunctional storage tank destroyed thousands of frozen eggs and embryos at a fertility clinic in Ohio, a former lab director confused staff and managers who ignored the warning, he said. I blame what I said.

The first allegations made in this month’s proceedings ignited fierce accusations between Cleveland University Hospital and its former employees and his lawyer.

Andrew Batnager, who oversaw the clinic’s fertilization tank, said in an affidavit immediately sealed by the judge that a series of avoidable mistakes led to the tank failing. He also said hospital lawyers pressured him to withhold details about what went wrong.

Hospital lawyers called his statement “sneaky, misleading, and untrue,” and urged courts in northeastern Ohio not to disclose that Batnager’s lawyers stated they were confidential. The judge will hold a hearing on Friday to review the request.


It erupted back and forth as one of the last proceedings against the hospital due to the loss of more than 4,000 frozen eggs and embryos in March 2018. That failure and the largest such loss recorded in the United States in the second proceeding of the same day at the San Francisco Fertility Clinic have caused their procedures to be reviewed by centers across the country.

The university hospital has already settled with hundreds of couples who kept eggs and embryos in the clinic and was devastated because a tank failure could prevent them from giving birth to their own children. For years, some have attempted to become pregnant, suffered from multiple miscarriages, and received cancer treatment to destroy childbirth.

Just a few weeks after the storage tank broke down, the university hospital sent a letter to the patient and someone turned off an alarm system that should warn staff when the tank broke down for a few weeks and the temperature began to rise. I said that I did.


The tank manufacturer, which has been the subject of other proceedings, said in an initial investigation that the equipment had not failed and that a misstep had occurred in a clinic outside Cleveland.

All family reconciliations are private and many of the documents filed in the proceedings are sealed, so little else is known about what happened.

However, Bhatnager, one of several hospital staff involved in the proceedings, shared his version of this month’s event after a rift between him and a former lawyer representing a university hospital. .. He accused the hospital of making him a scapegoat, and the lawyer said he wanted to stop telling the truth.

His new lawyer has filed a public statement in Geauga County. In an affidavit, Mr. Batnagar said he warned hospital managers during his 18-month tenure that the fertility center was understaffed and there were too many unqualified workers. ..


He said he was not in the lab when the disaster struck on March 4, 2018.

He said the staff did not follow his instructions to move the embryos and eggs to another tank during primary maintenance and did not properly fill the tank with liquid nitrogen to maintain the proper temperature. ..

Bhatnager’s lawyer, Subodh Chandra, said the public has the right to know what happened.

However, university hospital lawyers want Chandra to be accused of contempt of court, and confidential information of lawyers and clients to influence potential juries with explosive and unsupported claims. He said he had published a document containing.

“For clarity, this is not about hiding the truth. Rather, it is about making sure that the impartial jury is responsible for determining the truth, and the client has a clear motive. It is not a news agency fed by inappropriate and false allegations from lawyers, “a hospital lawyer said in a court filing.

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Institute director accuses hospital of failure of fertility clinic

Source link Institute director accuses hospital of failure of fertility clinic

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