Intel: Attacked and counterattacked in many ways

At first glance, Intel doesn’t look like a besieged company. Last year’s sales were $ 77.8 billion and profits were $ 20 billion. The market capitalization in mid-September 2021 is $ 220 billion.

Still so. When you are a leader, all your competition is aimed at you. Intel is working to lose leadership on manufacturing and process nodes, losing market share to the highly resurrected AMD, relentless Nvidia challenges Intel for AI advantage, Atom processor Arm in the mobile market CEO three years later, who failed brilliantly against and became the third.

But Intel is winning the competition. Lisa Spellman, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Xeon and Memory Group, said: “So it’s no wonder there are competitors who want some of it.”

“I’m not saying Intel is’siege’, but it’s certainly being attacked from various angles, including internal turmoil. Glenn O’Donnell, Vice President and Research Director of Forrester Research, said:

Other factors are difficult to fix.

With AMD gaining momentum, Nvidia GPUs collapsing, Arm architecture now a great alternative, and countless other chips such as communication interfaces, microcontrollers, and DSPs all on the battlefield, competition is unprecedented. It is no exaggeration to say that it is getting fierce.

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Intel: Attacked and counterattacked in many ways

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