International Olympic Committee responds to Shakeri Richardson’s claim

Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Shakeri Richardson After calling the organization about the double standard for drug testing at the Beijing Olympics. Earlier this week, she noted that Russian figure skater Camilla Barriera was allowed to participate in the Winter Olympics under a provisional ban after her pre-Olympic drug test failed.

please remember. Last year, Shakeri was at the center of the controversy after being expelled from the Summer Olympics in Tokyo because of a positive marijuana test. Mark Adams, an IOC spokesman, said of the comparison: Yahoo sports“I can’t talk about double standards for Russian and American athletes. Each case is individual.”

He goes on to say: “Richardson’s positive doping test was discovered on June 19, and the results were received before the Olympics began. She was suspended for a month. There is nothing in common between these two cases. Shakeri made her own statement in response to the wind of the statement. Trackstar wrote in her Instagram story: They got the right one. “

Looking at the players, after controversy, Camilla’s time at the Olympics doesn’t seem to end as expected. today, people In free skating on Thursday, a 15-year-old player reported that he made some featureless mistakes and finished fourth with 224.09 points. After the short program, she was the first to participate, but she won 141.93 in free skates.

Camilla was visibly upset, distraught, and even wept. After the event, she reportedly did not talk to the media. What do you think of your roommate, Camilla’s performance and the IOC’s statement?

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International Olympic Committee responds to Shakeri Richardson’s claim

Source link International Olympic Committee responds to Shakeri Richardson’s claim

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