Is Downton Abbey a new era of streaming?

I’ll be back in Downton Abbey soon.After the first 3 years “Downton Abbey” The movie has revived the beloved TV show on the big screen, “Downton Abbey: A New Era” Following the aristocratic Crawley Another fascinating adventure.. This time around, thanks to a new streaming deal with NBCUniversal, it may be easier than ever to see a cinematic trip to the English countryside from an apparently unattractive place on your couch. ..

Officially, there is no streaming release date for the new movie. However, new practices introduced by NBCUniversal may make the latest adventures of the Crawley family available for home streaming. In December 2021, the “deadline” reported: NBCUniversal has launched a theater release plan This will allow the movie to start streaming on Peacock 45 days after the theatrical release date. Universal Pictures (and its subsidiary Focus Features) are the leading producers and distributors behind the “new era,” so it’s safe to assume that movies will meet these new guidelines.

“Movies are essential to the mix, as we continue to invest in the content that is most valuable and sought after by Peacock,” said Kerry Campbell, president of Peacock. “The Universal Filmed Entertainment Group team is a great partner, providing Peacock with a great slate of blockbuster movies and beloved franchises as early as 45 days after theatrical release, and peacock customers throughout the year.”

So when does this mean that home viewers can stream “Downton Monastery: A New Era”? It all depends on the date used as a benchmark to start counting those 45 days. The movie will be released in the UK almost a month earlier than in the US. UK viewers will be able to return to Downton from April 29th, but US movie fans will have to wait forever until May 20th. NBCUniversal may choose. Counting from the US release date, it’s July 4th, especially considering that Peacock’s debut will be a movie-friendly weekend, especially in the 45-day window.

Is Downton Abbey a new era of streaming?

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