Is Downton Abbey connected to the Gilded Age?

HBO Guild Age Certainly drawing a comparison Downton Abbey, And the reason is easy to see! Both shows are historical drama set over a century ago (although decades apart), both featuring the charm and luxury of a super-rich elite, both of similar characters. Introducing the prototype. Both are from the series creator Julian Fellowes pen.Given the All these things in common (And the fact that we live in a world of “expanded universes”), probably Downton Abbey/ /Gilded Age Crossover on the way?

Gareth Neame, both executive producers Guild Age When Downton Abbey, Clearly answered that question: No, they are not connected!

“”[A crossover is] I’m not thinking at all. ” TVLine.. “”It’s another universe, But they are both fiction set in the 1880s. Downton Abbey, In its own fiction, it was definitely there. I think a younger version of Maggie Smith’s character lives there. But that’s not really planned. “

Neem’s answer isn’t particularly surprising, but it does understand why viewers ask questions. in the end, Downton AbbeyThe whole back story of A key element of the actual Gilded Age, HBO Guild Age We will investigate in more detail.

In the last decades of the 1800s, American “new money” families became tremendously wealthy through industry and trade. Despite their wealth, they noticed that the door to the long-established high-society circle was closed to them, and the hereditary peers looked down on them as intruders. Many of these families set out for Europe in search of social fame comparable to their wealth. There, many aristocratic families were in dire financial difficulties. Although they did not accurately approve the new flashy family, many aristocratic heirs married American heirs with large dowry as a means of supporting the volatile land.

this is, Downton Fans are familiar with the show’s inside story: Coke is an American heir (he would have been a young woman at the same time. Guild Age A person who marries Robert, who will soon become Count Grantham, in an arranged match that grows into a love marriage.

For those who want Downton Easter eggs, it doesn’t sound like they’re coming. But for those who are just looking for a flashy new historical drama, Guild Age It’s just the right choice!

Is Downton Abbey connected to the Gilded Age?

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