Is Florida The Best Place To Start A New Jewish Home?


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Florida attracts millions of people worldwide – from the theme parks to the beautiful coastline, there’s a part of Florida to suit everyone. It’s so popular that nearly 22 million people have chosen to make it home. Florida is also home to the second largest Jewish community – only behind New York.Florida has always opened its doors to anyone that wants to stay. Not only will you always be able to find something to do in Florida, but Florida will also welcome you with open arms. Is it the best place for you to start a new Jewish home, however? Let’s explore why it could just be the best place in the US to do so.

The Jewish Community In Florida

As mentioned, the Jewish community in Florida is the second largest in the US – yet it is not viewed as a separate community. Instead, the Jewish community merges with Florida seamlessly, with everything from kosher restaurants and synagogues blending in as if they’ve always been there. But the community truly comes together to celebrate the high holy holidays – homes are filled with beautiful ornaments from the likes of the Israeli Center of Judaica, the tables with traditional Jewish foods, and the community reminisces or celebrates.


The Jewish community has been in Florida since the 1800s, and the Jewish Heritage Trail is the perfect place to go to retrace the steps of the Jewish community in Florida if you’re interested in the history behind it.

The Florida Housing Market

The community is desirable, but can the same be said about the Florida housing market if you want to start a new home there? The housing market in Florida is no better off than the rest of the US – it’s very much a seller’s market at the minute, with prices rising across the board. It’s predicted that housing prices won’t drop in the US until late 2023, so currently, the average house prices are as follows:



Some experts say it’s currently cheaper to build a home in Florida than it is to buy, but not everybody has the means to build a house.

Culinary Treats (Kosher Friendly)

Anyone lucky enough to have a permanent residence in Florida will be spoilt for choice when it comes to culinary treats. Thanks to the large Jewish community, endless kosher-friendly restaurants and cafes serve the most delicious and often traditional food. Here are some of the top-rated according to TripAdvisor:



You can refine your search to your chosen area of residence to find local restaurants for you.


The Florida Lifestyle

The Florida lifestyle is perhaps one of the state’s most attractive qualities. It’s renowned for offering a laid-back lifestyle that focuses on health and wellbeing. From the beach gyms to the actual gyms to the endless establishments offering protein shakes and smoothie bowls, a well-rounded lifestyle is the theme of Florida. The sun promotes an outdoor lifestyle, with many people spending their days on the lakes, by the beach, or simply taking it slow.


Florida is one of the best states to start a new Jewish home – it has everything you could wish for. A thriving community, endless things to do, beautiful weather and warmer winters, and a laidback lifestyle. Don’t let the housing market put you off; it’s the same situation in most states in the US.




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