Is Migraine Related to Complications During Pregnancy?

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Women with migraine headaches have pregnancy complications such as preterm birth, preeclampsia, and preeclampsia, according to a preliminary study presented at the 74th Annual Meeting of the American Neurological Society, published February 24, 2022. May be at high risk. Researchers also found that women with aura migraine headaches may have a somewhat higher risk of pre-eclampsia than women with aura migraine headaches. An aura is a sensation that comes before a headache and is often a visual impairment such as a blinking light. Pre-eclampsia is associated with high blood pressure with additional symptoms such as proteinuria during pregnancy and can be life-threatening for mothers and babies.

“Approximately 20% of women of childbearing age experience migraine headaches, but the effects of migraine headaches Pregnancy results “It’s not well understood. In our large prospective study, migraine headaches,” said Dr. Alexandra Purdewsmith, research author at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Pregnancy complications This can help inform doctors and women with migraine headaches of potential risks they should be aware of during pregnancy. ”

In this study, researchers examined more than 30,000 pregnancies in approximately 19,000 women over a 20-year period. Of these pregnancies, 11% reported that they were diagnosed by a doctor with a migraine before pregnancy.

Researchers investigated complications of pregnant women, etc. Premature birthDefined as a baby born 37 weeks before pregnancy, Gestational diabetesPreeclampsia, preeclampsia, and low birth weight infants.

After adjusting for age, obesity, and other behavioral and health factors that may affect the risk of complications, researchers found that the risk of preterm birth was 17% higher than that of women without migraine headaches. We found that the risk of was 28% higher. 40% higher risk of preeclampsia and preeclampsia. Of the 3,881 pregnancies in women with migraine, 10% had preterm births, compared to 8% in women without migraine.For pregnancy High blood pressure, 7% of pregnancies in women with migraine developed this condition, whereas 5% of pregnancies in women without migraine developed this condition. For pre-eclampsia, 6% of women with migraine experienced it, compared to 3% of women without migraine.

In addition, looking at migraine with and without aura, women with aura migraine are 51% more likely to develop pre-eclampsia during pregnancy than women without aura, and there is no aura. Women with migraine headaches were 29% more likely.

Researchers have found that migraine headaches are not associated with gestational diabetes or low birth weight infants.

“The risk of these complications is still very low overall, but women with a history of migraine should be aware of the potential pregnancy risk and consult a doctor,” Purdue-Smithe said. I am. “Further research is needed to pinpoint why migraine is at high risk of complications, while women with migraine can identify and manage complications such as pre-eclampsia as soon as possible. May benefit from close monitoring during pregnancy. ”

The limitation of the study was that a history of migraine was reported before pregnancy, but information on migraine aura was not collected until the second half of the study after many pregnancies. Therefore, migraine aura findings may have been influenced by the ability of participants to remember their experience accurately. Another limitation was the lack of information on migraine attack frequency and other migraine characteristics.Additional research is needed to address these limitations and better inform the degree of pregnancy. woman Has a history of Migraine Possibility needs to be screened and monitored pregnancy complications.

Pregnant women with migraines at high risk of complications, according to a new study

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Is Migraine Related to Complications During Pregnancy?

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