Is there a spin-off for “Stranger Things”?

As fans are preparing to say goodbye “Stranger Things” After Season 5, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer said, “Stranger Things“The universe is on the way.

July 6th, Netflix publication The Duffer brothers set up their own production company in collaboration with a streamer called Upside-down Photography.Stranger Things“The spin-off is certainly happening. Stranger has also unveiled a new play in the world of’Stranger Things’ produced by Sonia Friedman, Stephen Daldry and Netflix. Duffers production companies also include Stephen King’s book “The Talisman” and live-action versions of the Japanese manga and anime series “Death Note.”

The Duffer brothers production company “aims to create a story that has influenced the growth of the Duffer brothers. This story takes place at a beautiful crossroads where ordinary people and extraordinary people meet, and it’s a big sight. And the work of intimate characters coexist and have a heart. I win the irony. ” statement..

Showrunners have long hinted at potential spin-offs, but they first seemed to be committed to the idea in an interview. variety.. In an interview, they revealed that the potential spin-off was “not what everyone expected.”

Due to the variety of characters in the Stranger Things world, spin-off possibilities can follow Hawkins’ favorites such as Robin, Steve, and Erica ()If they survive the final season), Or can occur in a completely different era or locale.If Season 4 taught viewers something, it would be Conspiracy in the heart of Hawkins It runs deeper than anyone imagined.

One thing is certain: Duffers is passionate about the mysterious ideas at the heart of the spin-off. “The only reason we didn’t do anything was because you didn’t want to do it for the wrong reason, it’s like,” I want to make this, whether it’s related to Stranger Things or not. Is it something?’Whether or not?’ And definitely. ” “I’m very excited to remove the title Stranger Things, but it’s not. It’s not what everyone expects, including .. Netflix.”

That said, at least one cast member has some idea of ​​what a busy showrunner is planning.The brothers told the variety: Finn WolfhardPlaying Mike, guessed exactly what the spin-off was. “”Finn WolfhardHe didn’t spit, he just went, “I think this will be a cool spin-off,” Ross revealed.

Read everything we know about the potential “Stranger Things” spin-offs so far.

What is the “Stranger Things” spin-off?

At this early stage, it is unclear what the proposed spin-off is.But when the Duffer brothers announced Season 5, The final season of “Stranger Things” They made fun of: “There are still many exciting stories in the world of Stranger Things, new mysteries, new adventures, new surprising heroes, and more.”

When is the spin-off premiere of “Stranger Things”?

Fans will have to wait a considerable amount of time before they can return to the world of “Stranger Things.” Currently, Duffers is focused on drawing a satisfying conclusion on the original series. But they are also looking to the future of the franchise.

“There is a version being developed in parallel [to season 5]”But they will never shoot it in parallel,” Ross said. “”

With that in mind, it’s unlikely that the Stranger Things spin-off will premiere before 2024 or 2025.

Is there a spin-off for “Stranger Things”?

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