Israel’s Herzog warns Biden of rising Iran ‘challenge’

Washington – Israeli President Isaac Herzog warned President Joe Biden on Wednesday that Iran’s “challenge” was mounting.

At the start of the Oval Office meeting with Biden, Herzog said it had been 40 days since then. Death of Masa Amini In Iranian security custody, which has spurred protests across the country. He also noted that Iran was “on the road” to becoming a nuclear power, and hinted that Tehran is providing Russia with drones that are “killing innocent civilians in Ukraine.”

“Today, the Iranian regime is crushing thousands of Iranian citizens – young men and women – who are demonstrating and simply begging to have their freedom,” Herzog said. rice field. “I think the Iranian challenge will be the main challenge that we are talking about.”

Israeli officials have accused Biden that reviving the 2015 nuclear deal would not stop Tehran from achieving its nuclear ambitions and would destabilize the region. However, the Biden administration until recently appeared determined to revive a deal that would provide Tehran with billions of dollars in sanctions relief in exchange for agreeing to scale back Iran’s nuclear program to the limits it has set. It looked like

But as Iran shipped drones to Russia for use in its war with Ukraine and brutally responded to female-led protests against the erupting Islamic government, the regime has become increasingly concerned about the prospects of the deal in recent weeks. More pessimistic than a month ago.

White House officials recently said they were not focusing on diplomacy with Iran at this time and were trying to help protesters who took to the streets.

The demonstrations are the most sustained protests against the Islamic government in over a decade. They erupted last month after morality police detained Amini for not properly covering her hair with the Islamic headscarf known as the hijab, which is mandatory for Iranian women. He collapsed at the station and died three days later.

Mr. Biden did not mention Iran in brief comments to reporters at the beginning of the meeting with Mr. Herzog.he blessed Israel Maritime Boundary Agreement with Lebanon It will be signed on Thursday.

The deal, which came after months of US-brokered talks, represents a major breakthrough in relations between Israel and Lebanon, which have been officially at war since Israel’s founding in 1948. The agreement provides for the development of the energy sector for the benefit of both countries. .

“I think it’s a historic breakthrough,” Biden said. “It took a lot of courage for you to take that step.”

Herzog met with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday as part of a whirlwind visit to Washington.

“We oppose the dangerous, destabilizing and terrorizing actions that Iran is taking in the region and, as you pointed out, well beyond,” said Brinken. said during an appearance with Herzog.

Herzog’s visit also comes at a time of escalating violence in the West Bank.Israeli Army on Tuesday attacked the base of the armed group The military said it had blown up a bomb lab and staged a shootout in the second-largest city in the occupied West Bank. Five Palestinians were killed and 20 injured, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

parliamentary leaders invited Herzog to speak at a joint session of parliament Israel is preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary next year. Herzog’s address is not dated.

The State of Israel was proclaimed on May 14, 1948. President Harry S. Truman recognized the new nation on the same day.

In a letter extending the invitation, Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the two countries share an “unbreakable bond rooted in common security, shared values ​​and friendship.” said there is.

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