Issa Rae receives Inglewood City Key

I don’t think anyone deserves to receive the keys to their city Issa Rae.. February 12, “Unsafe” The creator is First person In the city’s 114-year history, you can receive Inglewood keys. Super bowl Sunday. “Queen of Inglewood” was commended at the city’s Inglewood Taste Festival Inspiring speech To express her gratitude.

“I’m a little emotional. I’m about to be a thug now,” she began. “The mayor really surprised me that this was the first key in 114 years. This is a great honor. Thank you for your support. Thank you to the mayor. City of Inglewood. Thank you. It made it so easy for us to shoot here and helped me introduce this city that I love so much … I’m really honored to receive this. I always wear it for my city .. “

Ray’s honor is Pure symptomsThe key presentation of her city, “Unsafe” season 5. During the Dream Sequence of Episode 8, Ray’s character Issadie also receives the Inglewood key. Tyra Banks.. Now that Rae’s classic HBO series is over, the creators of multi-hyphenation are preparing. Season 2 of “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” She will also star in the premiere of the comedy series “RapSh * t” set in Miami. “Roar” on Apple TV +.

Issa Rae receives Inglewood City Key

Source link Issa Rae receives Inglewood City Key

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