Italy reserves AstraZeneca vaccine for over 60s

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Italy will book AstraZeneca’s vaccine for people in their 60s and older, following concerns related to blood clots in young people, announced Wednesday by the government’s chief adviser on the coronavirus crisis.

Locatelli told reporters that a decision was made to “prefer preferential use to individuals over the age of 60.”

His announcement came hours after EU drug regulators stated that blood clots should be listed as a rare side effect of jabs, but argued that profits would continue to outweigh the risks.

Locatelli stopped using AstraZeneca / Oxford Jab last month at a rushed press conference, but spoke to explain the implications for Italy after the EMA decided it was safe.

A World Health Organization vaccine expert said Wednesday that the causal link between vaccines and blood clots was “plausible but unconfirmed,” reiterating the latest EMA findings.

Locatelli, who coordinates an expert committee that advises the Italian government on the coronavirus, said the data on blood clots only provide links to those who received the first dose.

Wednesday’s decision did not completely ban the use of AstraZeneca jab for young cohort people.

Locatelli, for example, said that people under the age of 60 should be safe with the second and last vaccinations.

Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands are one of the countries that do not recommend AstraZeneca shots to young people.

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Italy reserves AstraZeneca vaccine for over 60s

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