J. Cole said he was “blown away” when he first heard BIA’s “London”

BIA made a considerable impression on J. Cole!He gave her all the flowers in her recent post about their song London..


BIA’s name and sound aren’t just a buzz, they’re top-notch rappers with the features of industry greats. Talking about Queen Nicki Minaj’s co-sign with her elusive call as “Hall Lotta Money (Remix)”!Hours before the release of the music video LondonShe expressed her wonder to her Recent collaboration.. She also shouted Russ on her 2019 hit “Best On Earth.”

“Bro, I went to the real studio, went into the real booth and rapped with RUSS, NICKI, COLE !!! It’s a false legend,” she tweeted. “I honestly tremble with myself.”

Well, J.call Confirm the same excitement For their new truck.How he went to Instagram with an insightful and unusual paragraph post London became. Cole started by admitting that he didn’t want to share a one-minute clip of the posted music video. In his words, “Everyone needs to hear this sh * tPURE.” Then he talked about how he first came across the song.

Flowers for BIA

“I asked BIA to go through the studio for everything else. I met her for the first time. I’ll chop it up. She’ll play this new song I just did.” J. Cole wrote in the caption. At that moment, I was surprised. “

“I’ve been thinking about this song for a month in a row. It’s my favorite song and I’ve only heard it once. She recently hit me and sent me the song (” She knew I wanted to hear it again !!!) And I was really grateful for getting it.

When it comes to roommates and calls, the compliments are poetic. With C’mon BIABIA London.

He continued. “I was excited when the thoughts and conversations about adding poetry emerged, but I didn’t even know how the song would improve after she did it. I didn’t want to do it either! I am grateful that I’m done Catch the right wave.. “

“Thank you for taking me to this record, BIA, love this sh * t, love your energy and spirit,” Cole wrote.

Shade room only

we Breaking the first look In a music video with a short, exclusive clip. By Friday night, the preview had been viewed more than 1 million times. Peep into the complete atmosphere that BIA and Cole have brought to their joints London. Within 24 hours, more than 680,000 views were collected.

J. Cole said he was “blown away” when he first heard BIA’s “London”

Source link J. Cole said he was “blown away” when he first heard BIA’s “London”

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