Jamie Joss Appointed Director of Athletics at Florida Institute of Technology

Melbourne, Florida. — Florida Institute of Technology President T. Dwayne McCay has announced that Jamie Joss has been appointed as the next director of athletics. Joss brings Florida Institute of Technology a wealth of background and experience in athletics marketing, financing and program development. He will be the sixth athletic director of the division and will take on his new mission on June 7.

“We are pleased to announce that Jamie Joss has been appointed as the new track and field director,” said Dr. McKay. “Mr. Joss joined us from Davis & Elkins University in West Virginia, where he was an athletic director and sports science instructor. He has accumulated a wealth of management experience for the Panthers. Management and Sports Programs. His skills in management, gender equality, diversity, inclusion, and community engagement are special strengths that we are excited to have here at Florida Institute of Technology. “

“I would like to thank President McKay and everyone involved in the search process,” Joss said. “I am honored and humbled at this wonderful opportunity to lead an athletic program at such a prestigious academic institution at the Best Sunshine State Conference. My family and I are scholar athletes, coaches, and athletics. We are excited to build relationships with our staff, graduates, campuses and the community in Melbourne.

“I am committed to providing a great academic athlete experience by fostering a family atmosphere within the department through integrity in all aspects of the athlete program. We are committed to the university’s mission and In line, coaches and staff focus on education, community service, the transformative development of scholarly athletes, and the success of the movement. “

Joss has been Director of Athletics at Davis & Elkins University in Elkins, West Virginia since 2015. After arriving at college, he coordinated the rebranding of the athletic club with the development of the program’s mission statement, “Development of Excellence through Education and Engagement.” , Compete with characters. The rebranding also included the new athletics logo and the new athletics website

During his time at Davis & Elkins, Joss oversaw the addition of 10 inter-university sports such as men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor track and field, acrobatics and tumbling, triathlon, women’s golf and men’s wrestling. .. As a result, the number of registered student athletes has increased by almost 85% in five years, from 222 in the fall of 2015 to over 400 in the fall of 2020. In the fall of 2018, Joss won the bid for Davis & Elkins to join the Mountain East Conference.

Joss has led progress efforts at Davis & Elkins, resulting in upgrades to Natalfield (soccer / lacrosse), Harpertown baseball stadium, and a new student athlete fitness center totaling more than $ 575,000, private funding and more. Funded through funding activities in. In addition, during the Faculty’s Spring Golf Classic, he helped raise $ 118,000 in graduate donations to the Davis & Elkins Highland Scholarship Program.

Academically, Davis & Elkins prospered under Joss’ leadership. The Athletic Program received the NCAA Division II President’s Award for faculties that maintained an average of 3.0 or higher and achieved 90% or higher academic performance. The athletic club had at least nine valedictorians and Salutatorians in the last 12 years, including both honor students of the same year during their tenure in 2017 and 2021.

Despite the stress of the pandemic, student athletes have been excellent in the classroom for the past year. In the fall of 2020, 114 Davis & Elkins student athletes received academic honor from the university. Of these, 53 created a presidential list with 4.0 GPA and 61 created a dean list with 3.6 GPA or higher. This spring, 119 student athletes received academic honor, 51 on the presidential list and 68 on the dean list.

At Davis & Elkins, Joss has developed a gender equality, diversity and comprehensive plan focused on assessing departmental exercise scholarships and operating budgets. In addition, in 2016, we established a community engagement program to integrate sports programs with local nonprofits. Since the start of the program, the Athletic Department has completed more than 3,000 hours of community service each year, including 4,265 hours in 2019-20, which ranked 10th in the NCAA Division II. The Davis & Elkins Athletics division was recognized as a finalist at the NCAADII Awards of Excellence in 2018 for the Elkins City Cleanup Project, which serves as part of the August Athletic Year Kickoff Event. That day, over 300 student athletes, coaches, and athletics managers visited the city of Elkins to clean up the city and serve the community.

In addition to his duties as an athletic director, Joss was an adjunct professor of sports management and a sports science instructor at Davis & Elkins. He has also developed a first grade student athlete enrichment course and an advanced leadership academy.

Prior to working at Davis & Elkins, he held the same position at Warner Pacific University in Portland, Oregon from 2012 to 2015. Over the years at university, the total number of registered student athletes in the athletic club has increased by more than 68%. , And the retention rate is over 85%. He also oversaw improvements to the university gymnasium, fitness center and athletic training room, with new equipment and enhancements.

From 2007 to 2011, Joss was Vice President of Operations and Sales for SIDEARM Sports, a website development company based in Syracuse, NY. In that role, he directed all sales activities for corporate, non-profit, college, and athletic websites, positioning the company as the number one provider of college athletic websites in just a few years, 477 in four years. Acquired a client.

Joss began his athletics career in 1996 as an assistant director and head tennis coach at the University of St Andrews. He then worked as Director of Sport Information / Marketing and Assistant Golf Coach at Lake Superior State University before moving to High Point University to serve as Director of Sport Information. Joss was an assistant director of athletic communications at Colgate University for two years, then a director of sports information at the Rochester Institute of Technology, a director of athletic communications at Embry-Riddle Aviation University, and then a career at SIDE ARM. Sports.

Originally from Ontario, New York, Joss received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management, Management and Marketing from Bowling Green State University in 1991. In 2009, he received a master’s degree in sports science in sports management from the American Sports Academy. In 2018, he completed NCAA / NFL Athlete Development certification for management and leadership skills from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton Aresty Institute. Joss currently holds a PhD in Strategic Leadership and Business from Liberty University.

Joss and his wife, Jody, have three sons, Janssen, Jace, and Jade.

What they are saying

Bill Nuttall, Former President of the Council – Davis & Elkins University

“Florida Institute of Technology has made a great choice at Jamie. He is a very good athletic director. He coaches coaches, builds characters, and how athletes and coaches should run in business. I’m good at setting up a really good culture in the athletes department. I was the board chairman of Davis & Elkins, but I’ve worked on multiple projects with Jamie and I have the most respect for him. I know that will do a great job at the Florida Institute of Technology. “

Elle Fracker, Head Softball Coach – Davis & Elkins College

“It’s very sad to see Jamie leaving Davis & Elkins, but I’m excited about him and his family. In my time when I had the opportunity to meet Jamie, he was a really caring athletic director. He is a person. He has helped me in many ways to get used to new schools and athletic clubs, not just softball programs. He is not just an athletic director, but a field of competition. I’m trying to get acquainted with other staff. Jamie will be greatly missed, but I know he will continue to do great things. “

Jason Piles, Headcross Country and Athletics Coach – Davis & Elkins University

“I hate seeing Jamie leave, but I’m very happy that he and his family have this opportunity! The importance of the family and the coach’s family-first balance in college athletics. Being able to maintain and maintain the high demands of is very grateful for the years we have worked with. He is changing the culture of our athletics club, both inside and outside the stadium. Jamie started an athletics program here, which gave both myself and many student athletes the opportunity to succeed. He received at Davis & Elkins. Given the impact, I look forward to seeing his success at the Florida Institute of Technology. “

Craig McFail, Vice President of Athletics and Club Sports – Leeds McRae University

“Combining Jamie’s innovative business leadership approach with a student-centric focus, he’s perfect for the Florida Institute of Technology. A compassionate advocate of inter-university athletics, he’s the ideal athletics director. A wonderful father and husband with a strong understanding of today’s sporting landscape, this opportunity is natural and I look forward to seeing Panthers’ future success with his guidance. “

Ruben R. Perez, Jr. , Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Communication and External Operations – Morehouse College

“I’ve known Jamie for nearly 15 years and have followed his career from SIDE ARM Sports to Davis & Elkins. He’s a sincere and sincere person. I’m very excited about Jamie, Jody, and the kids. The Florida Institute of Technology defeated it from the park by joining the Panther family. “

Robert Casselle, Commissioner-Cascade University Conference

“The Florida Institute of Technology, who has known and collaborated with Jamie for years, is a great addition. His overwhelming commitment to the student and athlete experience will help the Panthers!”

Frank Johnson, Head Men’s and Women’s Wrestling Coach-Warner Pacific College

“Jamie is a visionary leader who prioritizes relationships and consistently prioritizes people. His core values ​​are to his fighting policy and to the student athletes and coaches he serves. It’s also clear from the level of access to. It’s refreshing to meet a leader who is more serious about the future of student athletes than a short-term athlete career. Jamie is such a leader. “

Jamie Joss Appointed Director of Athletics at Florida Institute of Technology

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