Janet Jackson defends Justin Timberlake in a new documentary

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Janet Jackson’s new documentary was full of multiple bombsBut perhaps the moment everyone can’t stop talking is when five Grammy winners set a record of their relationship with her. Justin Timberlake..In 2 nights eventJackson, which aired simultaneously on January 28th and 29th at Lifetime and A & E, says he advised Timberlake to remain silent for the next few weeks. Controversial 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show.. “We talked once [Justin] “I don’t know if I should go out and make a statement,” she said. They point all this to me. So I said, “If I were you, I wouldn’t say anything.” It was also revealed that Timberlake invited Jackson to the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show.

In a recorded video that was shown in a documentary, Jackson claims that they have made up for it ever since. “Honestly, all this was disproportionately blown away,” she says in a clip. “Of course it was an accident. It was something that shouldn’t happen, but we have to stop because everyone is looking for someone to take responsibility for. Justin and I are very good friends and we You’ll always be a very good friend. A few days ago he and I went ahead. It’s time for everyone else to do the same. “

For years, Timberlake has been Not doing enough to publicly support Jackson An era when “Rhythm Nation” singers were essentially blacklisted by the industry. Jackson even claims she wasn’t invited from the 2004 Grammy Awards. last year, FX / Hulu sheds light on the incident It became widely known as the “Nipple Gate” in the New York Times documentary “Hulu’s Dysfunction: Dressdown.” Janet Jackson.. “

Janet Jackson defends Justin Timberlake in a new documentary

Source link Janet Jackson defends Justin Timberlake in a new documentary

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